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The scourge that is the obama administration...shame.
Can you see him now? Stomping his feet and yelling,Im gonna veto Im gonna veto!
At last report about 100 people were infected with the measles,thats about one in 320,000...not counting the tens of millions of illegal I ask you,is this really an issue of importance?If so,why aren't the politicians weighing in on the thousands of people who die from the flu,and the present vaccine is only 23% effective? I don't see a single politician,weather running for POTUS or not saying a single word to any pharmaceutical company about their nearly useless vaccine. Lets move on America.
Really? Where in the Constitution does it state that these illegal aliens have any right at all to remain in this country to begin with?They do not and they do not have the right to work here.They have the right under the Constitution to due precess under the 6th Amendment to begin deportation proceedings.You Loretta are no different than Barry or Eric.
Oh,and the tatted wise zzz in the article photo would be gumming all future meals...promise.
Fine. They have a choice. Be dropped over your home country with or without a parachute.These people are illegal alien criminals.I'm sure there would be no shortage of volunteers to solve this "problem".
Its surprising that human waste is allowed to spew vicious lies and absolutely nothing is said about it. Racist? Killing spree? I wonder what Ayman's reaction would be to a liable suit?
Lynch,if given the job,will be exactly like Holder...perhaps even worse. Holder was a member of a certain revolutionary group back in the day,and Lynch was a member of a black only group also....Holder didn't change his beliefs,neither will Lynch.Sheriff Clarke,you sir are a man of integrity and honesty,something Holder and Lynch will never have.
When he veto's this bill,maybe the idiots who elected him twice will realize that when they voted him in,they voted in a dictator,not a president.Thanks a lot!
If Jeb,the progressive who stated that illegal immigration was an "act of love"ever gets nominated and runs,I will stay home in 2016....horrible thing to say,but he is truly a person that I personally cannot tolerate.
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