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And Holder has the gall to say people are prejudice against obama? This woman is openly racist,and absolutly nothing is done....they can all esad...
Well Eric,I personally could care less what color you or your boss are.However I dislike both of you,you for breaking the law during Fast And Furious and him exercising executive privilage and covering up for you.So much for your racist comments...
What's even more disturbing than the out right blatent lies being spewed is that there are actualy those that believe it!
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Quit Playing Politics with Kids

john1088 Wrote: Jul 12, 2014 8:14 AM
I agree with Mark442...the one and only way to get these people to stop invading our country is to stop the constant never ending flow of money to them. No more aid to any country,and I mean any country that allows its citizens to enter illegally.And if they are already here illegally,immediatly deport them and charge the country they're from for the service,There are those countries that refuse to repatriate their criminal citizens back after prison in this country....then just dump them in mexico,they do it every day.
The solution is swift and perminant....
Does anyone with a brain really believe that this administration will deport these illegal aliens?They are busing,flying and transporting them to all parts of the United where? To be reunited with their illegal alien relatives,and a notice to appear in immigration court! They will disappear and never surface. For all the money being spent on the illegals comfort and well being,a very nice long high wall could have been built long ago,and this problem could have been avoided.If they cant get here,they cant stay...
And who still thinks that revolution is a bad thing?
First,the UN has nothing to say when it comes to the soverignty of The United States. Next,these people are not refugees,they are illegal aliens.They come here partly because of obama and his absurd "dream act" soon as the third world thinks that there is "free" they come running to the southern border.If anyone doubts this,since 2012 the number of illegal alien juveniles has gone from 10,000 to over 50 thousand and thats just til june of this year. Make nomistake,these people are not seeking asylum or fleeing as they do in syria,they are invaders,here illegally,and obama is allowing it to happen.Hey,obama,why dont you pick up that "pen" and order them deported?Afraid of loosing the hispanic vote?
Oby has already been warned by top security officials...and does nothing!
Well then,if immigration law is civil,then sue the Federal Government,and get a civil restraining order prohibiting the entry of thousands of diseased illegal aliens...its worth a try and better than doing nothing.
Just two well trained personel with 50 cal.scoped rifles could eliminate everyone of these trecherous filthy invaders...and leave their carcases to rot.Yeah,its harsh,but when you have a government that does nothing,its time for the people to act! And I'm sure if a mexican helocopter should stray into US airspace,that could be delt with too.
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