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500,000 per person?200 for the flight and 300 for the treatment! Wonder who's going to foot the bill....this administration is over 17 trillion in the hole now...pathetic.
Racism,the last refuge of a defeated scoundrel...
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The Race Card Cometh Yet Again (Again)

john1088 Wrote: Oct 26, 2014 8:13 AM
Without the "race card",they have nothing,and they know it.
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Can You Pass the U.S. Citizenship Test?

john1088 Wrote: Oct 25, 2014 10:04 AM
What a bunch of clueless idiots...trying to defend their ignorance with witless comments...
The FBI with the head racist Eric conducting a multi million dollar investigation,along with testimony from black witnesses to support the officers account of the event,will mean absolutely nothing to the "people"and their actions.If history tells us anything,they will riot no matter what.
And exactly how will they get here? I'm betting commercial airlines will tell him to "stuff it",and if he uses military aircraft,what guarantee does he have that public hospitals will accept them? American citizens will be put directly into harms way...intentionally. And still there are those that defend this.....well they wouldn't print what I think he is.
This man literally talks non sense! Cutting off africa? On the contrary,we're sending 700 million in aid and 4000 US military personel! And what is his problem with banning travel to this country,when WHO has stated that there will be 10,000 new infections a week by Dec.1St.! He truly is a moron.
So an unqualified political flunky is reporting to a liar? What confidence that gives the American public!
If Mr.DuVals intent is to pander to the female voter,I would suggest that any mother of a 14 year old who is first,pregnant,and second attempting to get an abortion,would be absolutely outraged by both!
If its such a burden to travel to get those documents,why is it that those disenfranchised,picked on persecuted constituents seem to find their way to the polls? More than once on many documented occasions!
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