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So the solution is to pander the vote of those who entered and remain in this country illegally? Typical politician way....And because they have "roots" here they should be permitted to spit on the law? Politicians are truely insane.
Every American citizen who has lost a family member from the act of an illegal alien should name obama in a wrongful death lawsuit...I would like to see a family member be told that they have no standing in filing this suit! There are plenty of thirsty lawyers out there that would jump at the chance to sue the zzz off obama and his regime.
Bill,wake up,you"re dreaming!
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The Net Neutrality Tax Hike

john1088 Wrote: Nov 15, 2014 7:50 AM
The head traitor will do anything for his new world order!
With all the talk about"legalizing"these poor picked on persecuted illegal aliens{HA!},has anyone heard weather or not they even want to become citizens? Legalized or not,they will never want to get a social security number...that means that that under the table cash job they have now goes away,and they must pay federal and state taxes.Not to mention unemployment taxes,city taxesmetc...I really don't see these people lined up to become citizens....
What would you expect from moozlims?Just part of what they are....
Just think America,if 11 million illegal aliens are legalized,that means they can bring into the country millions more of their uneducated,disease ridden relatives! What a contribution to America that will be! And you will foot the bill! Wonderful! Amnesty,in any form,is treason!
They won't print what I think of you....Grubwrm...
Does it matter what she says? She will do exactly what she is told to do by,guess who?
Why haven't these people been indicted? Why do they admit breaking the law,lying,and still walk about freely?And there are still those who ask "why"don't the people trust government.....
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