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If the courts can deport hundreds of thousands of illegals,then they are very capable of doing the same to the millions that feed off the host body that is America. illegal aliens need to go.Period.No paths,just a ride home.
Personally,amnesty for anyone for any reason should never be allowed let alone considered.
Obama and his dribble of "meaningful reform" is nothing more than amnesty.And guess what? People see it and are not fooled.Of course everyone wants illegal immigration to stop,but not at the expense of soverignty...take note Mr.Obama!
It will be interesting to see how they can justify a "free speech zone". I don't recall that in the First Amendment,and I'm not talking about yelling fire in a crowded theatre....Exactly what is a "zone"? I'll wait n see!
Well I'm from New Jersey and I want him gone now!
These govt.IRS thugs just will not stop their constant attacks on the First Amendment. It doesn't matter what political hack is put at the helm,they will remain a constant threat to the American way of life.Wake up America...it is the eve...
Lerner has to remain silent....especially with the news that Cummings is involved! This should be interesting to see play out on the liberal media....wonder if they'll even mention it?
Cummings,the same man who accused people of hurling racial slurs at him after the ACA criminal law was passed...now there's someone who can be believed and trusted!Ha!And let me guess...now that there is proof that he and his staff are tied into Lerner and the criminals at the IRS,he will scream....racism! How predictable.
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Leftist Thought-Gangsters Strike Again

john1088 Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 8:06 AM
To the left and anyone else who cares to read,I will say what I want,when I want,and will never conform to your "idea" of what you think I should be. If that is disagreeable to you and yours...tough.
Mr.Cohen,what I think of you is unprintable on this forum.
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