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It's nice they made at least one change...you! Another would be to get rid of the traitor Roberts...
Hey unions...how does it feel to be used by obama...twice? He sold you out to his tree hugger buddies! Ha!
And exactly who invited her? This day is about the students,not obama.
Well Mr.Obama,as usual your arrogance was in full view! I'll see your croanies at the polls in November!
Inspiring,no. Illegal,yes. Pandering for the vote,disgusting.
If the courts can deport hundreds of thousands of illegals,then they are very capable of doing the same to the millions that feed off the host body that is America. illegal aliens need to go.Period.No paths,just a ride home.
Personally,amnesty for anyone for any reason should never be allowed let alone considered.
Obama and his dribble of "meaningful reform" is nothing more than amnesty.And guess what? People see it and are not fooled.Of course everyone wants illegal immigration to stop,but not at the expense of soverignty...take note Mr.Obama!
It will be interesting to see how they can justify a "free speech zone". I don't recall that in the First Amendment,and I'm not talking about yelling fire in a crowded theatre....Exactly what is a "zone"? I'll wait n see!
Well I'm from New Jersey and I want him gone now!
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