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There are litterally tens of thousands of illegal alien gang members in south central LA...and what makes me want to vomit,is that this traitorous administration known it and allows it to flourish! I'm sorry to have to say that I agree with Kirk Mac who advocated open season on these filth...
I have no pity or sympathy for European countries that,in the name of PC,allowed these pigs into their countries.And after allowing them there,gave into their demands to do exactly what they please because they follow their sharia laws! So when the islamic radical terrorists strike again,which they most certainly will,remember,you allowed them to invade your country!
A pox upon you and your cronies...
Exactly what makes this administration think that these illegal aliens will come out of any shadow? Are they going to give up that cash job?No. Are they going to submit to a criminal background check?No. are they going to want a SS# so they have to pay taxes? No. Truly stupid people...and they do nothing but cater to illegal aliens and seldom do anything for citizens.
Good job by the Judge! Now if all Federal judges would rule to have the 30 million that are here deported asap,then this would be a country of laws,not of imperial decree by the chosen one.
Every time I hear the word liberal,I feel the immediate urge to vomit! When used in the same sentence with the word press,it's a sure thing.
Why does this government continue to allow these people from known terrorist states to come here? At last count there are approx 18-19 islamic terrorist countries that still send their rabble to the US.Why?And when they get here they "want"! And then their entire extended families are brought over...and they never leave!Why?
The liberal socialist pigs at the whpc strike again....
They're there for the family? Bullsheet! They're there to support the ismalic radical terrorist!
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Jeb on Bush Brand: "I'm My Own Man"

john1088 Wrote: Feb 18, 2015 5:43 PM
Jeb,I will vote for Bozo the clown before I would vote for you...illegal alien lover...After all,it would be an act of love.
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