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Lets start with the deportation of the two thirds....a generation of true liberal idiots!
No,he should not have been deported...He should have been executed and his worthless corpse flown back to iran and thrown out of the plane.The cost of the flight and means of execution should have been seized from any property he or his spawn had.
And you,the people of New York,are going to get exactly what you deserve...so when it happens,don't beach about it!
So why has this "person" not been formally charged with lying under oath to Congress? Now even more damming evidence surfaces and still nothing. Just imagine saying things like that even in a podunk little municipal court,under oath....you would be a guest of the grey bar hotel right now. But he is very correct about one aspect of people being stupid...just look who's in the White House..twice!
I'm all for a national "strike day" for every law enforcement officer in the United States...Let's see how these"people" deal with that...Imagine calling 911 and Eric,Al or Barry show up.
Move along,nothing to see here....
How funny will it be when you're lead away in hand cuffs...some joke! Idiot!
Amen Amen!!
What I think about this "person" who some call the president,wouldn't make it past the censors...
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