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And exactly how will they get here? I'm betting commercial airlines will tell him to "stuff it",and if he uses military aircraft,what guarantee does he have that public hospitals will accept them? American citizens will be put directly into harms way...intentionally. And still there are those that defend this.....well they wouldn't print what I think he is.
This man literally talks non sense! Cutting off africa? On the contrary,we're sending 700 million in aid and 4000 US military personel! And what is his problem with banning travel to this country,when WHO has stated that there will be 10,000 new infections a week by Dec.1St.! He truly is a moron.
So an unqualified political flunky is reporting to a liar? What confidence that gives the American public!
If Mr.DuVals intent is to pander to the female voter,I would suggest that any mother of a 14 year old who is first,pregnant,and second attempting to get an abortion,would be absolutely outraged by both!
If its such a burden to travel to get those documents,why is it that those disenfranchised,picked on persecuted constituents seem to find their way to the polls? More than once on many documented occasions!
Every last illegal alien invader should be tracked down and deported.The picture above this article tells it all...the fat sow ready to calf and the rest of the teet suckers ready to collect from the system.Anyone who supports these parasites should take their place in their third world rat hole.I've had enough with supporting these people. I'm guessing most Americans feel the same way...
I have no doubt whatever that my opinion will be labled radical and probably even racist,but our borders should be shut,and shut permanantly to anyone from any nation that wishes harm to the United States.That would include,but not be limited to the entire middle east.As for the authorities not tracking down and deporting those who have expired visa's,that in my opinion constitutes a dangerous act which should be met with termination of employment,and accountability should any of these people be involved in acts of terrorism against this country.In other words,hunt them down,and throw them out! No questions asked or accepted!
I wouldn't vomit on new york.
Heraldo,what is it you want to be when you grow up?
You area real piece of work obama.....
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