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Rand: Stay away from the Romney team. They are a bunch of morons!
It is pretty obvious that money was stolen from them. I am sure they didn't sign up for that!
As much as professional football rakes in in revenue, you would think that they would pay their cheerleaders a decent wage.
Not good enough. The principal there should be fired!
No, those people just don't get to go to the doctor with for a copay.
Considering that all democrat members of Congress espouse the views expressed in the article and they keep getting reelected makes the article spot on.
Obama is as big a racist as Sharpton!
Amazing. The government gave them a grant to do a study and they found out exactly what they were looking for so they can get more grant money.
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Obamacare's "Unfolding Fiscal Disaster"

John1052 Wrote: Apr 20, 2014 10:52 AM
You are correct! That was their plan from the start.
Add me to the list of who not only less likely, I will never vote for another Bush!
BS. They have been saying that for years.
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