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Yes! Get a real businessman in Congress instead of a crooked lawyer!
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Environmental Pessimism

John1052 Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 4:32 AM
Where does the author say that CO2 emissions have increased? "The media and subsidy-seekers have no incentive to mention that the U.S.’s emissions have declined to the point that the U.S. would have met its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol had we signed it." I wonder if you understand that everytime you exhale, you put CO2 in the atmosphere. If you are so worried about it, I suggest you and the people who agree with you stop exhaling!
When you lay off all the government workers that are no longer needed, then and only then, will I concede your argument.
Everytime I see a picture of that traitor Chuck Hagel, I get sick to my stomach! In fact I have the same reaction when I see that smug look on the traitor Obama in a pic!
These are the same Clintons who when he was President claimed clothes including underwear that he donated to charity on his income tax.
The IRS didn't pay for the lawsuit, the taxpayers did. The people at the IRS responsible for doing it should pay the plaintiffs.
Oh Well: Obama will pardon him anyway!
Every word that comes out of Harry Reid's mouth is a lie!
Monning is a moron!
It is amazing the amount of money that the federal government wastes on things.
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The Real Vote Fraud

John1052 Wrote: May 11, 2014 8:59 AM
When they tried cleaning up the voter rolls in Florida, The Dems screamed foul and brought out the race card.
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