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Fully Funded

John1039 Wrote: Aug 03, 2012 7:05 AM
The only signatures the will get are the same people that were educated by these inept brainwashed socialist frauds. This is a typical covernment and socialist answer to everything. throwing more money into a failed system that they already dumped trillions into.

Union apologists fail to quantify their “fully funded education” demand.

Teachers unions and their apologists constantly talk about the pressing need for a “fully funded” education system. We at have yet to see anyone actually quantify that argument and clearly define what “fully funded” means.

In 2006, New Jersey school districts spent an average of $14,630 per student while the national average was around $9,138. Does that mean New Jersey’s system is “fully funded”? Considering the fact that the statewide graduation rate is 83 percent, it seems the Garden State’s government education system has some problems to...