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Have you considered the possibility that they are _trying_ to provoke the Republicans? Their only hope for 2014 is to somehow get the R's to repeat the nonsense they pulled by shutting down the government and accomplishing nothing.
What is crazy is trying to do this controlling one half of one house of Congress. The most important thing right now is to take the Senate in 2014 and the Presidency in 2016. Anyone who doesn't understand that is actually working for Democrats.
No, stupids want to fight each other rather than the progressive Democrats. WTF (Win First, then Fight)
Sure and the cops that pumped that pumped 12 rounds into a guy who had just survived a car crash were threatened, too.
An intelligent voice - finally.
That tells us more about how badly you have been teaching than it does about Common Core.
One thing I'll bet is they didn't mention Chavez's implacable opposition to illegal aliens
Waxman has the integrity, and intellect and technological literacy of a squid
The claim that the Democrats in the Senate were trying to use the shutdown to end the sequester is patently false. The Senate's budget - which the House could have ratified at any time - adhered to the sequester guidelines. Trying to spin up a positive out of what was a total negative, simple destroys your credibility.
why did you have to get snarky?
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