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The tax rate you actually end up paying on your income after deductions and credits have been factored in.
I still don't think he should've given in to the pressure to release this information, but this was a very informative way of doing it. Rather than just putting the return out there for people to make their own conclusions about, having this letter from his trustee explaining all of it is a smart move. I'm sure he will still get criticism about something. "Why didn't he give it ALL to charity?" they'll say.
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Eddie Haskell Brooks

Joey_D Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 9:02 AM
Ladies and gentlemen, a new standard for measuring potential presidential greatness has been established: the perfectly creased pant leg. What an idiot.
It's appalling that a professor would attempt a scheme like this, but I'm glad (and a bit surprised) to see that she was put on leave without pay. I recall that the high school teacher in North Carolina who was recorded screaming at a student about being critical of Obama was given leave with pay, which is better than working. It's like giving someone paid vacation as a disciplinary measure.
Correction: The debt, not the deficit, just passed $16 trillion.
Is it any surprise that this speech was lackluster? Maybe it's a little surprising, but honestly, it shouldn't be. I mean, this president has pretty much talked incessantly since he took office (it's all he has). What else could he possibly have to say that we haven't already heard a thousand times before? Especially now that his abysmal record is in the forefront of our minds, there's nothing left to be said. Obama has worn out his welcome with the American people and has so over-saturated our lives with his ego and empty words that everyone is tuning out, including his own party it seems. No one cares what he has to say anymore. He's said enough.
Everyone on the tape should be fired. It was a different person who made the "They aren't concerned at all" comment, and everyone can be heard laughing at what Chalian said. They all share the same sentiment. Chalian is just the one who uttered the most offensive statement. Pink slips for the lot of them.
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Tilting at the UN Windmill

Joey_D Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 3:41 PM
"Who among us doesn't sleep better knowing the OAHWGGAICIFMUNCSESF is working for us?" I laughed.
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The Invincible Lie: Part II

Joey_D Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 8:58 AM
Liberals can't be bothered by historical evidence. That's way too inconvenient to their agenda. And they want us to believe that all money initially belongs to the government, and that in its benevolence, we are allowed to keep a share of it. A continually shrinking share, I'm afraid.
What would showing his tax returns tell us about Romney that we didn't already know? Wow, he's rich. WE GET IT. Meanwhile, Obama's past and his administration are still largely shrouded in mystery, but that's acceptable. Vet not, lest ye be vetted.
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The Worst Ruling Since Dred Scott

Joey_D Wrote: Jul 05, 2012 10:58 AM
Yeah, too bad. Gloating over what would have been the proper ruling under the Constitution is indeed something worthy of rebuke. And your observation that conservatives would have been happy had the decision they desired been made is an astute one, to be sure. I'm so glad there are enlightened, erudite citizens such as "wbonnie" in our midst who can point out these sorts of things, all while using such eloquent language as "had went." We are not worthy of your genius.
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