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Now, if only Governor Haslam here in Tennessee would say no to the exchanges. I've written him and other state legislators personally, and I've been trying to spread the word to others in my state to urge him to reject setting up the exchanges. If any Tennesseans happen to read this, please go to this link and send an email and/or call Governor Haslam: https://secure.freedomworks.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=513&JServSessionIdr004=kzijgfjko1.app305a We can stop this!
He really blew it, didn't he?
One thing needs to be made clear about Patrick Moran's response in the video. Although he expressed "doubts," he was only doubtful that the plan would actually work. He never once admonished the decoy for suggesting criminal activity. Moran seems to almost be lamenting that if only it were easier to pull off, then it would be a course of action worth pursuing. I don't buy that he was simply "humoring" the decoy. That's a convenient response when you're caught red-handed. For all Moran knew at the time, the decoy left their conversation fully intent on executing a voter fraud scheme. Unacceptable.
It was certainly a situation of a man vs. a boy.
If you all could see me now, you would see that I am smiling. This is awesome.
I can see Plouffe and Cutter plotting beforehand: "Okay, we're going with 'testy.' The word we're using is 'testy.' Romney acted 'testy.' 'Testy,' got it?"
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Trickle Down and Tax Cuts

Joey_D Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 12:06 PM
I love Dr. Williams' articles as much as I love Dr. Sowell's. A Williams article about Sowell is an extra pleasure indeed.
The sad thing is, these tragedies are going keep happening for years to come. There are so many weapons that are unaccounted for that our own government (via Fast and Furious) put in the criminals' hands and they will continue to be used to kill innocent people. Who will be brought to justice for this?
Democrats count on low-information voters. Reality, history, logic, and reason are their enemies. That's why they want you to look "forward" and not backward at the last four years.
The tax rate you actually end up paying on your income after deductions and credits have been factored in.
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