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The World Isn't Buying Europe's Nonsense

Joey35 Wrote: Jun 27, 2012 10:10 AM
Liberals can't survive unless they are picking someone elses pocket. Make them be self sufficient while they run out of other peoples money. I wonder how they will like their 6 week mandatory vacation when they can't feed their dogs.
As European leaders meet this week in an attempt to once again shoo reality away from the continent's respirator, countries outside the European Union are making it increasingly clear that they'll have no role in prolonging the charade.

Cyprus has just asked for a bailout from the EU's ATM, joining Greece, Ireland, Portugal and, most recently, Spain. So what's the excuse this time? Apparently Cyprus' intimate exposure to the Greek economy was more than enough economic Ebola.

So another beggar's cup starts rattling just in time for yet another summit of European leaders. Are they still actually...