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Australia vs. the United States: Two Charts that Tell You Everything You Need to Know about Social Security Reform

Joey35 Wrote: May 03, 2012 11:24 AM
Liberals understand nothing. You can post all the charts you want and it will never penetrate. The only way is to stop the planet and throw them off. OR vote in some politicians who actually have a pair and don't "reach across the aisle" for some BS compromise. Do what needs to be done, listen to the libs cry and cry and wait for things to improve, showing the American people what a vapid, brainless and useless blight that liberalism is to mankind.

There are two serious problems with America’s Social Security system. Almost everyone knows about the first problem, which is that the system is bankrupt, with huge unfunded liabilities of about $30 trillion.

The other crisis is that the system gives workers a lousy level of retirement income compared to the amount of taxes they pay during their working years. Younger workers are particularly disadvantaged, as are African-Americans because of lower life expectancy.

These are critical issues, but perhaps looking at a couple of charts is the best way to illustrate why the Social Security system is inadequate.

Let’s start...

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