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At least they can arrest the kid and destroy his life.
What will the Luddite elitists do to keep the population of the World poor and under control if they don't have global warming to hang around their neck?
Rush is right and so is Sheriff Joe!
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Choking Constitutional Liberty

searcherseeker Wrote: Dec 21, 2014 11:35 AM
Enlighten us, then. What is the purpose of Operation Choke Point?
Yeah, sorry. Taft is such a jerk, I typed before I saw who wrote.
I guess I should be asking Daft Taft.
Let's see, Obama tried and failed to "gin up a mob," then turned to more accomplished liars to do the work. So, how is he innocent?
It's just words. When has he ever meant what he said?
Greenpeace leadership, including Annie Leonard, and all those "foot" soldiers should be indicted, tried and imprisoned in Peru. Their names and pictures should be shown, world-wide and they should be vilified. Greenpeace should be sued out of existence. Then, let's see if the "ends justify the means."
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