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What an a-hole Obama is. The FIX is in but it will do nothing to stop the catastrophic whirlwind Obamacare has caused. Damn those who fostered this calamity upon the American people....
An administration that dupes the public is unworthy of anyone's respect. I am tired of the outright lies and shenanigans going on and wish nothing but doom on the entire bunch of leftist blowhards! Damn them all....
Give the family the bodies! No more, no less!! What a crock of B.S... The thieves walked into the lions den and the lion go them.. Tough chit....
Dang, you could have fooled me. I won't put a dollar into the RNC after this explanation. What jokers!
Bottom line is Carney and the rest of the administration of mere puppets of the Obama regime. None of them have ever accepted responsibility with dignity if at all. They are mere pet rocks, chia pets and bobble heads of Obama... It sickens me that these rats show their faces!!
Juan Williams has a donkey stamped on his butt. To blame Republicans for this ludicrous snafu is silly and downright stupid. This Obamacare is a flat out fiasco. When you have an arrogant president who surrounds himself with bobble heads what did you expect? Hell, more money pi**ed down the drain!
Ben Carson is absolutely correct. Obamacare is just another diabolical way to take our freedoms away.
A complacent America is letting this jerk job get away with his shenanigans which does nothing but put America on a cliff falling off into never never land. The fact that he still has a 37% approval rating shows me there are still people out there who enjoy hand outs over responsibility and pride. Oh well, to each their own but I don't like leeches.
OK folks, this man talks B.S. and is unworthy of being called a leader. He is nothing but a blowhard politician who is milking we, the people out of our hard earned monies. Yup, he was put back in office even after his noteworthy failures in his first term. Is he the dummy or our American voters the dummies!
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A Call for Civil Disobedience

joev Wrote: Oct 06, 2013 6:53 AM
Whoa! In God We Trust!!!
Democrats treat everyone equally? No way,the are SPECIAL! Hey, I believe the people without spines are the voters. Of course those bobble heads on both sides of the aisle are spineless, clueless and living off taxpayer dollars. Gee, I wonder if they like Obamacare. Oh wait, they aren't participants. They are SPECIAL!
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