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Masked Obama Robs Doughnut Shop

joev Wrote: Oct 25, 2014 6:42 AM
You mean Charlie Wrangler - the man who allows his constituency to live in poverty while he cheats on his taxes and lives high on the hog. Voters keep reelecting him due to their ignorance. Screw Rangel the leech...
Mercy me, DWS (Dumb with Stupidity) is another Obama puppet who stoops to the level of asininity for her master...
It sickens me to see how low candidates will stoop to get elected. Tell the damn truth and if you can't then stay out of the political arena. I despise liars and hateful individuals. To all who have the intellectual capacity to vote and not couch potato cheeks by all means study the candidates and vote with your brain. If you can't do this then stay the hell home..
I disagree; we don't need any more contempt but two parties working together to solves the ills of America. Without this why the hell even go to the polls to vote. The same old status quo won't work. I want a government that will help foster the American Dream and curb the influx of illegals who come here and leech. I want a government that will protect and respect our armed forces and protect America against nations that dare attack us or our citizens. For goodness sake, this election isn't a BAKE OFF!!
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Why I Oppose Barack Obama

joev Wrote: Oct 18, 2014 6:53 AM
I concur 100% with John. If Obama were white he would have been ridden out of town on a donkey. I didn't care for Obama from day one. The proof was right in front of us and yet he was elected to office twice. Either he has a fantastic gift of B.S. spewing or the voting public is nothing more then a bunch of leeches who feel entitled and don't have the word self respect and responsibility in their vocabulary. What a sad country we have become. We are being overridden by lies and deceit and a bunch of dumbed down and for lack of a better term lazy, irresponsible citizens. John, you hit the nail squarely on the head with facts and anyone who thinks differently must be seriously delusional or brain dead....
So, once again fraud and corruption is the battle cry of this administration. The good old pay to play mentality. May those who turn a blind eye to this rot in hell. Washington is full of pompous, arrogant leeches who would sell their families for a vote. How sad and pathetic America is becoming...... No morals, ethics or honesty!
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Whatever Happened to the Chevy Volt?

joev Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 7:13 AM
The Chevy Volt was nothing more then a political toy and it has proven itself to be, on top of that, a so called automobile which started as not worthy of an owner and has proven itself to be just that. As for the bailout of GM. Any and all monies spent on entitlements, bailouts, stimulus, etc. is the American taxpayers monies. God start thinking about how much waste this administration has perpetrated to make the United States a country heading down the proverbial bowl. The only thing needed in Washington D. C. is a good insecticide....
If you bundle lies and half truths long enough some people will believe them. Gabby is an embittered woman barking up the wrong tree with no hope for redemption.
5 countries in so called support. Hell, their biggest challenge would have been just showing up! Did they?? I don't have much faith is Obama based on his constant history of lies and plain old B.S. What next, our boots on the ground...
More B.S. from the Nanny State of Vermont. Dummies in the education system mandating asinine rules for a public school. This type of overrule is atrocious and sickening.... Parents, pack a few cookies on occasion in your child's lunchbox and defy the idiots who made this rule.... Let the parents decide as it is totally obvious Vermont leaders can't. Damn fools.
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