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Whatever Happened to the Chevy Volt?

joev Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 7:13 AM
The Chevy Volt was nothing more then a political toy and it has proven itself to be, on top of that, a so called automobile which started as not worthy of an owner and has proven itself to be just that. As for the bailout of GM. Any and all monies spent on entitlements, bailouts, stimulus, etc. is the American taxpayers monies. God start thinking about how much waste this administration has perpetrated to make the United States a country heading down the proverbial bowl. The only thing needed in Washington D. C. is a good insecticide....
If you bundle lies and half truths long enough some people will believe them. Gabby is an embittered woman barking up the wrong tree with no hope for redemption.
5 countries in so called support. Hell, their biggest challenge would have been just showing up! Did they?? I don't have much faith is Obama based on his constant history of lies and plain old B.S. What next, our boots on the ground...
More B.S. from the Nanny State of Vermont. Dummies in the education system mandating asinine rules for a public school. This type of overrule is atrocious and sickening.... Parents, pack a few cookies on occasion in your child's lunchbox and defy the idiots who made this rule.... Let the parents decide as it is totally obvious Vermont leaders can't. Damn fools.
Hey Nancy, the Democrats are destroying this nation piece by piece and the only thing I wish to end is your tenure in Washington, D.C. You are nothing more then a leech feeding off the American taxpayers. It is time for you simple mind to go to rest!
Trudy Tuttle Ariaga = moron!
My God, this phony liar of a president has absolutely no shame. More blathering idiocy coming from his lips. There will be no safe haven except at our open borders. Watch out ISIS, we're watching you.. More good old fashioned Obama B.S. I'm surprised there are roughly 38% that still support this White House Clown!
The IRS is run by low life butt kissing liberal suck ups who bobble their heads to every wish of Obama the American Dream assasin....
Wow, what a lying sack of chit he is!! Duh, we back up everything but it is so freaking hard to recovery... Hmm, so much for DISASTER RECOVERY!! If t is so difficult then get rid of the entire backup system and save we, the taxpayer some money. Oh wai, you'll just p*ss it away on something else. Sarcasm intended.....
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D.C. Disease and the GOP's "Electeds"

joev Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 7:36 AM
Ho-Hum. There are folks on your list I wouldn't buy a coffee for. In any case what we have in Washington right now are a bunch of bobble headed political party yes men and women living off the American Taxpayer and doing much of nothing but towing the party line. Not one damn self thinker willing to go out on a limb.... Bobble-Bobble!!
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