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yes! you have a keen eye! good call my friend! they come from the same worldview school.
there you go again...
It isn't about the Rs 'allowing' the D's my friend, it's about us the voters allowing the D's to get away with their lies... We as a nation have become lazy in thinking that our vote doesn't mean anything. Stop sucking up all the liberal dribble in the media, read the Constitution often, vote, and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.
How's this for policy: Get out of me and my kid's life you communist troll! This is still the USA, a nation built on a fundamental premise of FREEDOM. It is NONE of your business how healthy/non-healthy I am! And don't start your lib rant about having to PAY for my care. I PAY FOR MY OWN CARE! "obesity epidemic"... how about the "communist stupidity epidemic"
November can't get here soon enough.
Get out of my (and my kid's) life you communist troll!
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