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DOJ Censoring Reporters?

joethibo Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 8:58 PM
Why is it this isn't a surprise the justice department believe they are above the law that applies to everyone in the country. This justice attorney has a real big pair of balls to dictate to the press how question will be asked in a public meeting. Some people really have nerve to attempt to control the people's ability to question the government employee. Who is really in charge at Justice,nobody that knows the law. What happened to no comment. No they have to let everybody know who is in control of the people at the government.

According to Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, yes. Grassley expressed concerns the Department of Justice is censoring reporters and trying to control how they quote DOJ attorneys during public meetings yesterday during a Senate Judiciary Committee Executive Session. 

Last month, a Justice Department attorney from the Civil Rights Division, attended a public meeting in Louisiana.  She reportedly told a reporter who was present, “You can quote those who speak, but you can’t quote me.”

It has been reported that the reporter asked her to cite legal authority that would support her claim that he couldn’t...