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Speak for yourself Kristol and when I get my tax increase I will cancel my subscription to your magazine.
So where did you get the information regarding the reason for the terrorist attack on 9/11. If you weren't told what to say how did you know about the demonstrations in Libya There were no demonstrators. There were only terrorist attackers.
Hey Holder just release the documents and then there is no reason to sue anyone unless you lied under oath. Then you need to be tried for breaking the law just like anyone under oath.
So Colbert admits he gets his talking points from CNBC's Maddow. Why is it that doesn't seem to be a surprise that Colbert is all about repeating the view point of the liberal Left and then making claim he goes the opposite way. Another liberal lie about the supplied Propaganda.
She's lying again. Why do Liberals have to lie to make a point and the gullible Liberal media always believe the government supplied propaganda.
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Obama: I Have Not Raised Taxes

joethibo Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 9:55 PM
That's Lie Mr. President. you did raise taxes in the Obama health care bill and the CBO and the supreme court confirmed it. You promised never to raise taxes on those making under 250K and you did just that in the provisions of the health care law. You also became the first President to cut the seniors Medicare plan by over 716Bilion and then lied about what took place.
The food gestapo are not listening to the children. Most of what they serve in school lunches gets thrown out and when they get home from school they pig out on chips and pop. Bring back the mac and cheese and hot dogs the kids will eat that food.
The reality is the Socialist security system is the worlds largest Ponzi Scheme.
What a "wusse" The country gets attacked on 9/11 and what does Obama do he does a campaign speech like nothing happened. The ambassador gets murdered and the presidents acts like it's business as usual in the Middle east. The president has no clothes and is acting like an empty suit.
We need to bill Egypt and Libya the millions needed to cover the cost of their destructive activities. We need to freeze all their assets in this country until we receive all the compensation to cover that cost. The ambassador from those destructive countries need to be expelled and told we don't do business with terrorist countries that can't control their criminal activities. It's time for Obama to put on pair of balls and act like a President of a country that was attacked by terrorist Radical Islamist criminals.
Again the NYT is supplied secret information not declassified and nobody in the current administration can find out who is leaking the information. No instead they want to just blame Bush. Typical liberal media reporting of Classified information
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