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Please we all know there is no constitutional right to an abortion. The opinion supplied by the supreme court is just that an opinion. The opinion does not provide a change to the constitution. It takes an amendment to the constitution to make an abortion a constitutional right. So the people should know the opinions supplied by the supreme court does not change the constitution. That takes an amendment.
Did Rather also check President Obama draft status and registration for the draft. Maybe if he had he would make a different statement!!
Please Bill What makes you a Hispanic is the same reason Senator Cruz is a Hispanic.
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Boehner: Sequester Like a 'meat Ax'

joethibo Wrote: Feb 08, 2013 7:03 PM
Really the sequester only represents about 10% of the discretionary budget. If the politicians can't cut the budget by 10% all is lost and shut down the government until they can find reality.
Didn't you hear in some states even the dead vote in elections.
Speak for yourself Kristol and when I get my tax increase I will cancel my subscription to your magazine.
So where did you get the information regarding the reason for the terrorist attack on 9/11. If you weren't told what to say how did you know about the demonstrations in Libya There were no demonstrators. There were only terrorist attackers.
Hey Holder just release the documents and then there is no reason to sue anyone unless you lied under oath. Then you need to be tried for breaking the law just like anyone under oath.
So Colbert admits he gets his talking points from CNBC's Maddow. Why is it that doesn't seem to be a surprise that Colbert is all about repeating the view point of the liberal Left and then making claim he goes the opposite way. Another liberal lie about the supplied Propaganda.
She's lying again. Why do Liberals have to lie to make a point and the gullible Liberal media always believe the government supplied propaganda.
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