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Ahhh, yes, GW's compassionate conservatism and big-govt handouts...aren't you Cons glad you elected him?
And yet the GOP keeps shoveling money to the DOE (and teacher's unions and Democrats by extension)...
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Was Iraq Worth It?

Libertarian Refugee Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 7:56 PM
Was it worth it? Depends...if you were Cheney and Halliburton it sure was...
And not a peep about the Pentagon's lavish-funding nor of the lavish "foreign-aid" divvied out to dozens of nations...
Its been the same old BS from the GOP since Ronald "Deficits Don't Matter" Reagan was elected... THIS time it'll be different--they PROMISE! The GOP is lucky its got 55-60 million Useful Idiots in America who will vote for them no matter what.
They take money from YOU...they tell YOU what to do...whether you like it or not... That, my friend, is a RULING CLASS...
All the GOP is filled w/now (w/few exceptions) are HYPOCRITES who helped GW MASSIVELY INCREASE the size of govt. and the nat'l debt. Now these HYPOCRITES (Paul Ryan is a perfect ex.) want us to forget 2000-2008...many Useful Idiot conservatives will, but many more WON'T. The GOP and their Useful Idiots can go pound sand!
Warmongering + Israel-firsterness + Daddy-statism + Police-statism + Fiscal recklessness = A Losing Platform For The Ridiculous GOP
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The Risks of Retreat

Libertarian Refugee Wrote: Mar 19, 2013 10:11 AM
"Retreat"...LOL... You NeoCon warmongers never stop w/the BS do you? The USA is BROKE you friggin MORONS!!!
Why would they? In fact, why would any Ruling Class member (including 'conservatives') make any effort to spare taxpayer expense? Its OPM, isn't it?
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