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Wow, 5 more people who just happen to be under investigation, have now "Lost" their emails. Talk about "Coincidence". I think not. People need to go to jail for this.
My wife own more guns that I do, love Football and love riding with me on our motorcycle. Am I lucky or what?
1 Woman + 1 .45ACP = ANY Man...
We had that kind of case here in California. Both were drunk, ended up in bed, she got a morning after case of "Buyers remorse', complained and HE got expelled. Nothing happened to her. It always pays to be the accuser.
Admittedly, the IS an element of theater in being the President and it is called "Being Presidential" and You Mr, President are a complete failure of even that simple concept.
Ya THINK? Tone deaf, completely tone deaf...
Carls Jr. doesn't behead people, so their easier to go after.
Not just the Democrats, but Predominately the Democrats...
Message to the Federal Government(and all levels of Governments in general): You DON'T KNOW BETTER!!!
The only people who seem to be offended by this are White Liberals. As someone who is part Navaho and Yaqui on my dads' side and part Aztec and Mixtec on my mothers' side, I find it offensive that a bunch of White Liberals are trying to tell ME what I'm supposed to be offended by
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