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Re: third autopsy: It's like how the environmentalists keep wanting environmental impact report after environmental impact report until they get the one that backs their agenda. Holder will probably order more autopsy reports until he gets an autopsy report that backs his agenda, forget about all the others that didn't...
"Both parties are doing this" is the standard Liberal response when a Liberal is caught red-handed engaging in wrong doing.
Saul Alinsky in his book: "Rules foir Radicals". This is essentially the Liberals' playbook. Read it.
True. Under Alaskan law, the Governor must pay any and all legal expenses themselves(no loans from their campaign) for any ethics violation accusations. She would have prevailed as all 27 allegations against her have since been proven to be completely baseless, but would have bankrupted her family to fight them. This is why our legal system needs to go to a "Loser Pays" system.
Looks like the "Enlightened, touchy-feely, I'm like you" approach didn't work out too well did it?
What I would like to know is where are these "Desperately" poor people getting that $15 to $20k to pay the coyotes to to take their kids north?
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Is Senator Hagan Getting Nervous?

Joesolis Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 10:54 AM
Nope, time to get down and dirty. The Dems always try to get us to "forgo" negative campaigning, only to turn around and play dirty. NO MORE. Fight fire with fire and quit wimping out!
Instead of spending time and money to investigate, just tell these atheists to go pound sand. Have these people ever heard of "Community Standards"?
Sorry Bloomie, your guy lost! (insert Gloating laugh SFX here).
Candy Crowley - 2012. Enough said...
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