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In what world is 10$/hr or about $19,000 per year after social security deductions (less if you include sales tax) a living wage, especially in places like New York? So why is it ludicrous to talk about higher minimum wage laws? If it is such a go thing let's really eliminate poverty and push the wage to 20 $/hr or higher. Think of all the increased taxes that would raise. Companies are holding cash because they don't see good investment opportunities largely due to uncertainties caused by things like the XL pipeline delay, and government regulations on frac'ing, health care, carbon emissions, etc. No one wants to hold cash which is making almost no return when they have any other opportunities. What about small companies the traditional engine of growth? Why aren't they adding jobs?
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The Sky Isn't Falling

JoeRed Wrote: Feb 27, 2014 5:07 PM
I suggest Mr. Stossel under estimates the impact of the problem. Half of the kids in this country are born into single parent families and among some minorities the rate is as high as 75%. This has a devastating affect on the lives of those children and society as a whole. If he thinks this can be fixed by eliminating SNAP and other programs that help the poor, he is rather sadly mistaken. No one wants to see kids starving in the street. Thus government has a vested interest in nurturing stable, two parent families.
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