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Roberts' Dodge At Heart of Obamacare Decision

Joe on St. Croix Wrote: Jul 03, 2012 2:58 PM
Roberts ignored the Constitution. He is among the Progressives who want to replace America's 200 year old Republican ideal that worked superbly with Europe's 150 year old Socialist ideal that was the leading cause of murder (War) in the 20th Century. Socialism still doesn't work. The New Speak that Roberts used to justify this assault on freedom makes me think we need a Constitutional amendment to impose term limits on the Supreme Justices. Maybe Roberts was trying to create distrust of the Court that would lead to term limits. That's as good an argument as any that have tried to explain his nonsense.
No one knew it at the time, but the key moment in the Supreme Court Obamacare case came on March 26, the first day of oral arguments, when few people were paying close attention.

Before getting to the heart of the case, the justices first wanted to deal with what seemed to be a side issue: Was the penalty imposed by the individual mandate in Obamacare a tax? If it was, the case would run afoul of a 19th-century law known as the Anti-Injunction Act, which said a tax cannot be challenged in court until someone has actually been forced...