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Obscurity: No Crueler Punishment!

Joe on St. Croix Wrote: Jul 26, 2012 2:22 PM
Hitler targeted the Jews to disguise the fact that Socialism doesn't work. Obama is target those evil, vile bastards that make more than $250k per year. How dare they succeed without Government assistance ! They should be made to pay. Wait a minute, don't they already pay ?

I feel awful about what happened in Colorado, but can we stop the hugging and the teddy bears? Just as society can become inured to violence, it can also become inured to sentiment. There is nothing so hackneyed in the world of photojournalism as pictures of the hugging and the shrines with candles and teddy bears after a tragedy, with a piano softly trilling in the background.

This accomplishes nothing. If you want to do something, please write a check to a good charity, a family financially harmed by the shooting, or send flowers to a specific person.

It is also...