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Health Law a Loser Despite Court Victory

Joe on St. Croix Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 3:41 PM
How the Court approved the expansion of Government control over our lives is irrelevant. The fact is that Obama Care got the stamp of approval. We are kidding ourselves if we think this is a loss for the Progressives/Democrats . It is a clear victory for the Left and it may propel the worst President since Jimmy Carter back into office again in November.

Unfortunately for supporters of President Obama’s health law, the Supreme Court ruling does nothing to validate or lend the law legitimacy. Half of the ruling was a clear defeat for “Obamacare.” And the portion that supporters are hailing as a victory will prove hollow.

The court invalidated a key part of the Obama health law designed to expand health insurance coverage. Each state has a Medicaid program that provides health insurance to the poor (among others). Federal grants to states cover 56 percent of overall Medicaid spending. That comes to an average 12 percent of a state’s entire budget.

The Obama...