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The Pope and Capitalism

Joe on St. Croix Wrote: Dec 19, 2013 6:10 AM
A lifelong Catholic, I was taught that the Pope was infallable in matters of religion, at least the Catholic religion. I have also been taught that the Church is apolitical (of course that is a fib). It is obvious that this Pope has no experience in business and I suspect he is a really poor student of World history. Capitalism is the greatest tool the "common" man has. Capitalism has lifted more people out of poverty than any other system. It has released the full measure of human talent to the benefit of all. Systems of social control, such as Fascism or Communism or Royalty, have long histories of oppression and murder. This Pope should open his eyes and shut his mouth about Capitalism.
The use of the noun holidays is a tool to avoid the mention of Christmas.
I watched the last few episodes, mainly because my wife liked the story. I thought it was horrible, but Coulter is right, it's about pride before the fall. The show still sucked. It is full of tension without the humor and retribution that a series like Dexter had.
Ted Cruz and company are the future of the Republican Party, or whatever succeeds the Party it after the party collapses from being exposed as not representative of the Conservative view. No wonder idiots like Bill Cliinton and Barak Obama got elected. The Republicans have been nothing but Progressive Light. Hardly inspiring conservative voter to get out the vote.
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Community Organizer Goes to War

Joe on St. Croix Wrote: Sep 05, 2013 4:22 PM
Why should we believe a fraud who spent 3 months in Vietnam during which he nominated himself for a Purple Heart? I recall he was among War protesters who threw their medals in the trash, on camera. Now he tries to capitalize on his unearned medals. The man is a fraud. No one should believe him. That aside, did John McCain, a real hero, not learn from Vietnam. Limited wars can't be won against local populations unless you want to get brutal, i.e. unlimited. We've seen the proof over and over. As for Kerry's boss, the fraud that pretends to know the "black experience" life has never landed a glove on Obama. He is a spoiled novice, nurtured in Academia, protected, pampered and out of his league. Let's not lose any of our young men and women to a war to make this guy look good. The World knows he isn't the spirit of America, he's no leader.
One small correction, Ms. Coulter: Slavery in Africa, which is still going on, was and is worse than anything America could come up with. It's puzzling that many modern blacks name themselves after the Arabs (Muslims) and African chiefs that sold their ancestors into slavery.
Can we please see some photos of the real Trayvon Martin and not the 12 year old. Trayvon was man sized and he was a thug wannabe. Visiting the neighborhood? I think not. What killed Trayvon and other young "black" males is the low standards of Black America. Zimmerman couldn't stand his ground; he was on his back with a big guy sitting on him and beating him to a pulp. I've been there. Eric Holder and Barak Obama (the black wannabe) never have been there. These two spoiled brats know nothing of the struggle to stay alive, and they no nothing of the "black experience".
Trayvon Martin was a wannabe thug. The responsibility for this tragedy lays firmly in the Black Community for tolerating their sons mimicking thugs. I got news for the Liberal who said that white people fear young black men (especially when they are bopping around in hoodies), black people fear them too. I might add, for good reason.
Much is said about Trayvon Martin's age. He was no helpless little boy. At 17 a man can be quite large and able, recall that Mike Tyson won the heavyweight championship at 17.
The Zimmerman trial, and outcome, is one of the most important events in American Justice. For too long, black racists and their white liberal enablers have managed to politicize justice in favor of black politics. The jurors in the Zimmerman case showed extraordinary courage in coming to what the evidence demanded. Much is made about a 17yr old child being killed. Yes, that is tragic, but much of the blame can be attributed to young black America's love affair with thugism. Trayvon Martin's parents also share some blame. This kid decided to beat the hell out of a wimpy guy for intruding on him. Cop wannabe followed thug wannabe and thug wannabe took inappropriate action. If white liberals really wanted to help young black men, then white liberals should stop trying to hide reality. Young black men overpopulate crime statistics; not just because they are poor.
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