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Cruz: I Hope Fidel, Raul Castro “Join Hugo Chavez”

Joel176 Wrote: Mar 10, 2013 7:36 PM
I'm really liking the new Republican blood in the house, but more so, in the Senate where one person can have such a larger impact as Sen Paul demonstrated. I truly believe that the conservative base has been waiting for too long for elected officials to display the same degree of passion as those on the left. We have also been waiting for too long for representatives to speak the truth regardless of the impact from those on the left. I want to see the Castro brothers dead. Amen Sen Cruz. Myself also.

Most Americans continue to loath Hugh Chavez for the oppressive, authoritarian tyrant that he was. The late dictator debased individual liberty and basic human freedom, to say nothing of the billions of dollars he openly embezzled from his own people. The country Venezuela is unquestionably better off now that he’s deceased, of course, but Texas Senator Ted Cruz took the significance of his death a step further.

During a recent speaking engagement, Cruz said -- among other things -- that he hoped thugs like Fidel and Raul Castro will soon meet their maker . . . and the...