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Democrats abortion policies since the 60's have murdered more tiny black Americans percentage wise than any other race, for that reason alone black Americans should shun the Democratic party.
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The Un-Affordable Care Act

Joel120 Wrote: Oct 30, 2014 12:43 AM
Don't say we didn't warn you. Because we did. But you voted for the clown twice, what can I say.
Many of us have been warning this was going to happen, 15 even 20 years ago...are we awake yet?
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Sisters of Mercy

Joel120 Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 3:28 AM
Great article.
Salvation is from the Jews, Jesus, you might look that're sounding a little Nazi like, remember what they did to the Jews?
You mean like the Liar in Chief that you worship? Kinda like that?
You have to understand, these are "Lefty" Christians, you know, anti Israel (Like Jimmy Carter), probably Anti American, pro Hamas, etc...better get used to these types, because they're growing in number rapidly amongst the young particularly and they will shout you down if you dare challenge their anti Christ agendas...
AA went to Castle Rock H.S. here in Colo.
The tax rate on people in Obamas tax bracket is 70 percent in France...when Will Smith was told this on a French news show, he was quoted as saying "God bless America"
My son's College, who will be a senior this year...I've been praying for this victory for nearly three years...The U.S. Government has not, does not, and will not have the power to force a small evangelical Christian school, or a massive Catholic University, or Hobby Lobby to egregiously violate their religious consciences. our Country was built on those freedoms. Obama and Co. are doing every thing they can to undermine and discourage the faith of the faithful in this Nation.
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5 Lives Wrecked By Obamacare

Joel120 Wrote: Apr 26, 2014 3:44 PM
In my almost daily debates with Democrats (who believe themselves much smarter than us conservatives) over healthcare, the conversation usually goes something like this. Me- "My own son who has autism, lost his Kaiser health care plan in January due to Obamacare, his plan didn't fit the "parameters" of Obamacare, it was replaced by a much worse Obamacare plan that has a much higher deductible, which is now $6,500." Democrat- "That's not possible" Me- "Ok, let me say this again, own, son, lost, his, Kaiser health care plan, in January, it's now replaced with, a worse, Obamacare, plan, with, a ,much, higher, deductible." Democrat- "I don't believe it, that's not possible" Me- "So, you're saying I don't know my own son's insurance plan? and the fact that it's now worse than what we had before?, is that what you're saying?" Democrat- "I'm just saying that's not possible." Me- "Ok, let me try this again, "MY, OWN, SON'S, KAISER, HEALTHCARE, PLAN, WAS CANCELLED, IN, JANUARY, DUE TO, OBAMACARE, IT'S NOW REPLACED WITH, A WORSE, OBAMACARE, PLAN, WITH, A, MUCH HIGHER, DEDUCTIBLE, now, are you implying that I'm lying? or, that I don't know what happened to my own son's Kaiser health care plan?, is that what you're saying?" Democrat- "I'm saying that's not possible" Me- ok, that's enough, I give up" So friends, you see, debating health care with leftists (Democrats), who purport to be intellectually on a higher plane than us "knuckle dragging" conservatives, and know what's best for all of us... is like talking to a great firewall of obnoxious oblivion...
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