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If you're disturbed by the graphic pictures, then maybe that's a clue that you shouldn't be supporting the actual ACT. Which is a million times worse than the pictures, but you, being a deluded leftist pro abortion type I'm sure won't figure that out...
Display links, articles backing that up..you can't
Yes, it's just like your pantheistic religion of global warming, believing in climate change when even global warming scientists admit there has been NO global warming for 17 years, do you even know what pantheism is, or should I explain it to you?
Well, I'm glad at least one western world leader will say this unlike our own POTUS....
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The Politics of Personal Distraction

Joel120 Wrote: Apr 13, 2014 3:20 AM
The only whites who don't adopt black or hispanic kids are liberal progressive whites, I know several conservative families that have adopted hispanic or black kids, including myself. Liberals are hypocrites
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BREAKING: Kathleen Sebelius Resigns

Joel120 Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 1:06 PM
So the Queen of Abortion and Fake Catholic resigns... As my 16 year old says...BOOYAH
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Screw You, Mickey Kaus

Joel120 Wrote: Mar 27, 2014 3:50 PM
My son's deductible nearly doubled... He had a Kaiser plan that was completely adequate...he's a college student at a small Christian college (CCU Denver) that also happens to be in a lawsuit over HHS mandate. Bizzarro stupefying Obamanation.
Since you leftists bashed Bush for 8 years, and are still blaming him for Obamacares debacle, fast and furious etc..etc... that's when...
I want my abortion!! and I want you to pay for it!! Now!!
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