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Obstruction of Justice: DC Judge Rules Obama's Political Appointees Interfered With New Black Panther Case

joeH2 Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 7:33 PM
As a white American and not living in Philly if Eric Holder wants to release a maniac that wants to kill White babies and Obama 's happy that we'll be scared to vote. I say it' OK with me.Can’t republicans and democrats get along. Like the good old days when John Kerry scratched himself 3 times and then called us real Viet Nam vets baby killers. Let’s all get together and have a great Chick-fil-A appreciation day August 1st. Man them chicken sandwiches are so good I think I also saw Anderson Cooper in one around New York with a guy that looked like Cathy Griffin but not as ugly as Cathy. I heard for KY boys that aren’t proud they have a picture of Ballerina Rahm Emanuel in his tootoo. Ps you can’t be getting a tingle up your leg

First, a flashback:


And some more background with DOJ whistleblower Christian Adams:


Today a Federal DC Judge confirmed that President Obama's political appointees in the Department of Justice did in fact interfere with the prosecution of two New Black Panther party members after they were filmed outside of a Philadelphia polling place in 2008 wielding a billy club and intimidating voters. This is something the Justice Department has denied...