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Aren't we Lucky. Maybe you can outstare the democrat liked you try to Do to Obama in your debate with him. That'll make you president for sure.
Great hero Mr Zamperini. However I know of one person that might have survived but not quite the way he did. Obama's hero Bowe Bergdahl would have colluded with the enemy and probably did a ballerina dance for "The Bird". The pervert dancing back in the day might have gotten him in trouble though.
Please to anyone that doubts Gods existence show them this.
OK but the dems want to know if he cut a Tim Cook types purple hair when he was 13.
I heard that Mary Landrieu and Sandra Fluke were going to keep Hillary supplied with cartons of trojans , diet ginger ale, crudités, hummus and sliced fruit. Just joking Mary.
He's just hoping that Bubba hears this and gives him some of Tim Cooks Gods gifts.
I hear that Mary Landrieu may be looking for a job. She has qualifications for Secretary of Defense being she's been fighting off all the racists and sexists that elected her over the years.
I heard that if she loses that democrats were going to give her a high priority job . Mary Landrieu and Sandra Fluke were going to pass out cartons of trojans to college girls. Their still protesting the WOW.
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The Gruberization of Environmental Policies

joeH2 Wrote: Nov 28, 2014 1:50 PM
Other dictionary meanings of Gruber, Gruberred, Gruberization. 1) An effeminate weasel type nerd - See picture of Jonathan Gruber for better explanation. Other meanings 2) Nerd who told the truth about how he and Obama lied about Obamacare . 3) Also related to Dirty words like Redskin, Honorable Soldiers, Future boys that play soldier, Heterosexuals. In other words Never mentioned by the Main Stream Media.
I just hope these pro lifers don't point to the smiling Ultrasound baby. Women that want to stick needles in babies heads and kill them have nothing to be ashamed according to Obama.
All you VA workers that love your country and served in the military . Also are heterosexual and only shower in the shower start looking for a new job their going to fire you. You can still save it with pictures of Bill Ayers and one with Obama and Reggie Love on vacation but the latter is hard to get that was a special vacation , no pictures allowed.
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