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He doesn't need a teleprompter when all the questions are laid out in advance. It's like t-ball for him.
President Moron needs to spend less time on TV and more time working. Election is over, moron. Nobody is buying your replacement version of the "Bush Tax cuts". Trying to force the "Obama Tax cuts" on people isn't going to happen.
It's not hypocrisy when leftists want you to live one way while they live another. They need guns, you don't. You need tax raises, they don't(wouldn't pay anyway). Standard operating procedure for these national socialist Democrats.
People voted for Depression, it's time they get what they voted for. Even though I lost my job to the economy, I was wise enough to pay off my house when Obama was first put in office. Now all I have to do is come up with my rent(property taxes). This next four years of depression under this idiot will be a serious test. But I will survive, I'm still young enough to take what I need if it comes to that. The national socialists will not prevail this time either.
Obama doesn't care. He's set for life and will eat steak and lobster for the rest of his life. The rest of us can eat cake.
Millions of people play videogames and watch violent movies. So idiots blame videogames and movies when somebody shoots up a school. Or they blame the gun. Blaming index fingers would make more sense. They never blame the person behind the gun because then they can't take your gun which is their secret goal.
I guess blaming the GOP makes sense because blaming Bush doesn't really work anymore.
Maybe that's why Obama was crying... tears of joy at the thought of more dead babies.
Instead of banning guns how about we ban murder?
I'd like one of these government jobs but apparently being white disqualifies me. Modern racism is just marvelous.
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