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This is his latest campaign. He's already shown he has no shame when it comes to campaigning. It's surprising he hasn't figured out how to blame gunowners for other people's cancer yet.
This wasn't clever the first time you cut and pasted it.
I agree with you. We don't need anymore RINO's. Republicans got a huge win in 2010 with conservative values and then started drifting back to the left in response to the democratic media pressure. Republicans never learn. Republicans need to stop letting the Democrats and their media always control the narrative. We have the superior position and yet we allow the Democrats to drag us into their arguments on their terms. "No honest, we don't want to push grandma off the cliff!" Gimme a break.
I did the math and a coin that contained an actual trillion dollars worth of platinum would weigh approximately 39.5 MILLION POUNDS. That coin is gonna be real hard to lose in the couch.
I don't have a problem with Obama minting these trillion dollar coins as long as they contain an actual trillion dollars worth of platinum each.
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Bad Inventions

Joe Casepack Wrote: Jan 03, 2013 11:17 PM
It appears that Ann Coulter has morphed into Andy Rooney.
Who are they kidding? After you take away the second amendment it only follows that you take away the first amendment.
Hey Christie, Obama used you like a wad of toilet paper. When he was done he had no use for you anymore. You made your own over-sized bed so now lie in it, chump.
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Congress Leaves Work for the Day

Joe Casepack Wrote: Dec 30, 2012 12:18 AM
Why should Boehner and crew help Obama implement his "Obama Tax Cuts" which are purposefully designed to replace the "Bush Tax Cuts"? Obama can't stand to even hear Bush's name anymore although he has no problem putting that name to blame for anything and everything.
He doesn't need a teleprompter when all the questions are laid out in advance. It's like t-ball for him.
President Moron needs to spend less time on TV and more time working. Election is over, moron. Nobody is buying your replacement version of the "Bush Tax cuts". Trying to force the "Obama Tax cuts" on people isn't going to happen.
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