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I want to ask Obama about the latest anti-islam youtube video that has Al-Qaida, who he supposedly put out of business, all hot and bothered right now.
The NAACP is nothing but a racist organization who's time has long passed. But black racism seems to be the flavor of the day at this point in history.
Why does this entire administration feel it has to lie first instead of simply going with the truth? May be a rhetorical question but I'd still like an answer.
Typical liberal mindset... two wrongs somehow make a right so they invent this lie. But Bush! etc, blah, blah
NYC will probably elect this hyper-partisan jerk. And they deserve all the extra taxes he will pile on them too.
Liberals are stupid. It's no surprise when they do things like this.
These clowns think they are "Dredd". They ARE the law. Corruption was the change we were promised.
Since the red-line strategy didn't work it's time to get tough... I suggest we revoke the double secret probation and draw the line of glitter. Nobody in Syria would dare cross the line of glitter.
Freedom dodged another bullet. I wish Obama and his followers would stop trying to take away every last right I now have. End goal is to remove the first amendment.
$6.2 Trillion additional debt for the first four years. I wonder how far he will drag us down in the next four. Yikes.
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