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I don't see how this so-called architect feels comfortable insulting the American public about the dishonesty behind the passage of this ACA mess. The public had absolutely no input on the ACA law. The level of stupidity of the American public is beside the point.. the point is that people had no choice about the law whether they count to potato or whether they can recite Pi to the 50th digit.
Roberts didn't rewrite anything.
I'm guessing this story won't make the cut for the NBC/ABC/CBS nightly news shows. Holder and James Cole belong in prison. And that won't happen either in our corrupt system.
I'm just surprised this senile POS didn't manage to blame the Koch brothers for this.
Obama would welcome an impeachment attempt. It would provide enough cover to get him through the rest of his term. It would be played as the racist GOP coming after him for racist reasons.. besides, Bill Clinton proved the impeachment process means nothing now.
Now the American people are truly beginning to reap the benefits of a "Chicago style" administration. Now we need to do like Illinois and put the bums in jail.
It will always be racism if this clown doesn't get his way. Doesn't matter if you are black.. it's still racism if you speak against the Obama.
One has to wonder what story Obama wants pushed to the side when he makes this the story of the day. Obama does nothing without an eye towards political ends.
Obama is an idiot.
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