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I'm not gonna obey someone who can barely speak English. You cannot even pick up that "Joe" is a male name. Thou hast dire need of English lessons, yet...you demand definitions? What would you do with them if someone gave them to you? Misunderstand them? Joe = boy's name, not girl's name. I take it you are as inexperienced with the ladies as with the Anglo tongue, eh, my friend?
Yep. I wrote that. What of it? Are you going to answer the question I posed in that post?
Funny, he didn't say anything opposed to English, which is the language in which we're speaking. In English, an infant is not a fetus. Si lo prefieres, podemos hablarlo en castellano. Eso te conviene? It'd be closer to Latin, but it still isn't. Learn a little English why don't you?
As I said, I will not decide that. I wouldn't call it "killing," either. Take it up with a woman. She decides. That's my position. Do I need to use even shorter sentences?
free markets? You do know that Thomas Jefferson was a huge protectionist who actually tried to limit American trade with any and all foreign nations? Didn't work. The writer of the Declaration of Independence didn't believe in free markets at first but eventually "progressed" and came around to the idea. Can you address American history openly, honestly, and factually, or would you flag someone as off topic for doing so?
@Pinkmusic Watch out. If a poster, à la AnnFan, says something historically inaccurate or ignorant and you point that out, you'll be flagged as off topic. You have to say incorrect things about American history to stay on topic. It's a rule some here police using force. It's funny that people who call themselves patriots are proud to be ignorant of American history.
To allow a woman to control her reproductive habits. What is the purpose of having others, especially men, make choices for them?
And you have to tell it about it on the internet to feel cool. Wow, you're so cool. You don't come off as insecure at all, not even a little bit. ;)
I say let the Arab countries sort out their own mess. Their democracy is their problem. Egypt certainly hasn't become "liberal," in any sense of the word, since their revolution.
You know, Obama's position on drones and national defense is more interventionist than a neocon. The only reason he isn't called a neoconservative is because he's a democrat, but he's incredibly hawkish. I agree with you, if you're saying that Obama is wrong about everything to do with his use and suggested use of drones. I'll bet you'll just ignore that because you find it more fun to think that your political enemies are more monolithic than they really are.
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