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One of the reasons the Big Zero is so bad, is he has not figured out who he is.
I wonder if the theme would be War on Women in a Clinton campaign. Maybe they would change to Git More Womens.
The reason socialists want to kill babies in the womb is simply a socialist economy cannot support population growth. Heck, socialism can't support an economy period, since the only way to keep it going is to monetize debt or borrow or both.
Getting rid of God was losing the Hispanic vote. In trying to salvage that mistake, the Democrats lost the election.
Learning community is jargon the communists in the public schools use to try to spread the blame for not teaching children to read, write or do math.
Btw, "learning community" is eduspeak for communism.
Vote for Romney so we can start to use our energy resources efficiently and get rid of the restrictions of the global warming scam. How's that for info?
The reason Obama doesn't care is because it is not really a blood relative. Obama's real father was Frank Marshall Davis. Obama's name should be Barry Davis.
All Obama has ever had is empty words. Any dummy could see the guy did not have enough experience to be an effective executive in the first place.
Remember the oil revenue from Iraq was supposed to pay our expenses from the war? Then the Democrats started their usual no war for oil chants and it was abandoned. Remember how we said we would never nation build? Once we started that, we sacrificed our troops for nothing.
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