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Obviously corndog22 was educated in one of the under performing schools and is a product of Teachers Union bumbing down.
And what have the "card carrying" (what ever that means) members of the communist party been saying? Do they give Barack Obama any credit for a reign of economic, social and foreign policy anti-Americanism and stupidity that could leave America a 3rd world country, much to the pleasure of Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, ect, ect, ect. ?
"Nothing Progressive About This Administration" I would say that depends entirely on your point of view. I am a "baby boomer". I remember hearing folks from the previous generation complaining that "The country is going to hell in a hand basket". Well, is it or isn't it? If you are a liberal, that's progress.
Nah... they oughtta be pink, having nothing to do with breast cancer awareness but with their pinko ideologies.
Uh... Dear Comrade Catball,,,, The difference between the Taliban and the Tea Party is that the Taliban approves of the "education" you have evidently received and the Tea Party knows you have been trained up into stupidity and you are not likely to depart from it.
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Beyond Affirmative Action

Joe_Ks Wrote: Feb 19, 2014 3:37 PM
S.17 .... Well said and attaboy. Having said that, I hate to say it, but there does seem to be an ever increasing number of whites who are intellectually inferior as well. As a mater of fact, there seems to be a growing number of white men over the age of 30, even 45, still living with Mommy. I call them "Saber Tooth Papooses" Papoose being something Mommy has to carry on her back and a Saber Tooth being to big and to dangerous to tell it to walk on it's own two feet. I think when we think of "intellectual ability" we often confuse kids who may have lower IQs with kids who just kind of grew up with no real input from Dad and sometimes mom. Growing up like a weed does tend to leave one with the apparent IQ of a rag weed. Maybe the problem is not really "IQ" as most of us think of it, but is more of "IR" problem (idiot raised)
"Last month's job report ended 2013 on a low note with just 74,000 jobs created, one of the lowest numbers in years." Yeah. And they were all snow jobs.
Think Progress Says “Progressives” ~ The thing is, whenever I think "progressives" I think "Progress toward the proverbial hell in a hand basket". I can't think of anything else "progressives" have ever accomplished ("progressive" = umbrella type colloquialism used to disquise socialism, statism, communism, fascism or any other ism that removes freedom from individuals and makes them subject to the divine right of government elitist.)
Yep, the man never does anything without a duplicitous motive.
The "ugly ratings" are the direct result of ugly policies, ugly comments, ugly view of America, ugly regard for the Constitution, ugly interpretations of the thoughts of decent Americans, ugly misuse of Biblical versus, ugly cronyism, ugly justice department laziness, ugly state department inefficiency, an ugly health care train wreck, ugly self aggrandizement, ugly pontifications and last but not least (any way, I hope I didn't leave anything out) ugly bullying of any kind of opposition, ugly use of the IRS, ugly intimidation of media, ugly intimidation of the Supreme Court, ugly vision for fundamental change, a multitude of ugly lies, ugly, deliberate use of race to divide America more than it already is, ugly attacks on producers, ugly pandering to the deliberately lazy and inefficient and at least two ugly allies in Congress (Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid)
Maybe we should go ahead and give them San Francisco and Los Angeles right now
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