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5 Reasons Amnesty Would Be Political Suicide For The Republican Party

Joe890 Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 6:28 PM
Because we have a legal right to keep illegals out. So they break our law and we should reward them. Are you stupid enought to think rewarding illegal activity is the right thing to do? Are you part of the 47% who pay no taxes? If you are, I can understand why.

Of all the misguided, corrupt and deranged ideas floating around inside the D.C. bubble, perhaps the single worst one is giving illegal aliens amnesty as part of some sort of attempt to capture the Hispanic vote. If the GOP were to pursue a policy that primarily benefits corrupt business owners, the government of Mexico, and Democrats at the expense of our country and our own base, we'd truly deserve the "Stupid Party" moniker that has so often been hung around our neck. This policy wouldn't be a calculated risk or even a longshot; it would be a game of Russian Roulette...