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Paul Ryan: Pro-Growth Supply-Sider

Joe782 Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 12:13 AM
Well guess this will generate some interest in 'who' Paul Ryan really is: From the Congressional Record comes this interesting FACT - VP-picks Rep. Paul Ryan and Joe Biden voted the same way on 52 substantive bills. Check that out and you'll see that once again what appears to be a choice, presented by the national GOP elitists and MSM is little to no choice... With the GOP's lacking the gumption to back the PEOPLES' choice - Akin - in Missouri, it looks like the truth that the GOP is still a different 'style' but the same substance... When will we Americans really decide to choose our candidates instead of following 'nose to tail' as the 'circus of elephants' continue to STOMP on real choice or discussion from and by the people?

In the two weeks since Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan as his running mate, the entire Republican party has been rejuvenated. Governor Romney himself has been reenergized. After losing ground in the polls this summer, he’s once again drawn even with the president. Wisconsin is now in play. Even senior voters in Florida have signaled heavy approval of Romney-Ryan.  

I know vice presidents are not supposed to be so influential. Political scientists say the top of the ticket is what matters. But Paul Ryan is disproving that.  

And yet I hear and read some grousing from conservative supply-side colleagues that Ryan...