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Because the university administration offices don't want people knowing what a problem rape and sexual assault is on college campuses.
Michelle is not happy in the White House because she just isn't happy. She wouldn't be happy anywhere doing anything. That's what being filled with hatred and resentment will to do you.
Things aren't close to 'normal' because this is the new normal. I said when Obama was elected that it would be ten years before things straightened out. It seems I was overly optimistic.
I could not care less about any memo. If their prohibition doesn't meet the requirements of the law I would ignore it. On the other hand, I never eat there anyway.and can't imagine why that would change so they're not losing business from me. I also carry a 1911. There are several manufactures which produce fine examples. Colt is overpriced. You pay for the roll mark on the slide and get mediocre fit and finish for your trouble.
Principled conservatives need not apply. We have Republicans aplenty.
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Screw You, Mickey Kaus

Joe760 Wrote: Mar 27, 2014 7:43 AM
Obamnacare is not insurance. It never was. It's a medical payment plan wrapped up in an income redistribution scheme. Nothing more - nothing less.
Typical liberal: thinks she knows what's best for everyone better than they do themselves. Besides, if they do get a "bad diagnosis" they can go out and get insurance then - right? Pre-existing conditions are covered now. So they take away the main reason for healthy people to get insurance and then complain that they don't. It's just TypLib stupidity.
Nonsense. One can have a foreign policy without being half the free world's de facto military defense agency. In addition, American Exceptional ism was built on small government. Big government has destroyed it.
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Fluke to Run for State Senate, Not Congress

Joe760 Wrote: Feb 05, 2014 11:50 AM
What's wrong with her? The same thing that's wrong with everyone else who believes it's the government's job to take of them.
Oh, but it's NOT your money. In the US the courts have determined that when you put money in the bank for 'safekeeping' what you've really done is given the bank a loan. You then become an unsecured creditor of the bank. What they do with that money is no particular business of yours.
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