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That tired excuse of the Democrats are even worse has worn thin. Republicans think they will get our vote no matter what they say or do. Well, they are wrong. If that means Democrats keep the Senate, so be it.
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Why Did We Celebrate Labor Day?

Joe707 Wrote: Sep 06, 2014 5:28 PM
We at Hillsdale College don't celebrate Labor Day. It's just another work day here, and happened to be our first day of fall softball practice for our program.
Typical leftist hatred.
Exactly right. I left the Republican Party and joined the Libertarians. At this point it's either liberty or tyranny and most Republicans lean toward tyranny. Of course, all Democrats are now openly hostile to liberty.
55% of the country is economically illiterate. Just keep on voting for massive government, high taxes, more and more regulations, less liberty, and accept the consequences in 10 years, or maybe less.
We are headed for a mass secession movement. We have nothing in common with today's left. They want a Marxist dictatorship and we want to return to self-government, as dictated by our Constitution. There is no compromise to be had, we are 180 degrees apart. This may sound crazy, but I truly think that's where we're headed in the next 10-25 years.
If only the RINO morons in the House and Senate could read this and follow the orders. Instead, we have Boenher and the rest of them who are truly surprised that Obama isn't serious about spending cuts. These idiots actually think Obama is going to sit down and negotiate, even after four years of not giving an inch and then rubbing the RINOs noses in it. I have no faith at all that the Republicans will do anything but cave over and over and over during the next four years.
The Republicans should pass a bill next week with big spending cuts that takes care of the debt ceiling, and then go to every media outlet in the country and announce that they have done their job months in advance and it is now up to the Senate and Obama to pass the balanced bill to avert the debt ceiling crisis. Of course, the media will call the cuts "Draconian" and completely side with Obama, but that's a given. But what will probably happen, instead, is that the Republicans will do nothing, negotitate with themselves for two months, get right down to the last minute, and completely cave once again to Obama and the media. Do they ever learn anything?
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To Thank a Thief

Joe707 Wrote: Jan 04, 2013 12:10 AM
This is a great, great column. I read most columns on Townhall and this might be my favorite.
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The GOP and Round Two

Joe707 Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 10:56 AM
Hugh, you still have faith in these idiots? None of the Republican Party "leaders" are going to do anything. They will do a full cave on the debt ceiling just like they do on everything else. I'm actually surprised they didn't immediately cave after Obama's lecture last night. Within minutes of the bill passing last night, Obama started lecturing abou the debt ceiling and the Republicans were silent. Now the media will start to hammer away and it won't be long before Boenher is once again negotiating with himself. We'll go from a position of spending cuts to a position of no spending cuts and four years of Obama being able to single-handedly raise the debt ceiling. I have now left the Republican Party, tired of the useful idiots.
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