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Will America Ever Bridge The Racial Divide?

Joe64 Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 1:40 PM
People give way to much power to law enforcement. It is not the law enforcement agencies who create the profiles, it is people just like me and you who create them. It is up to us to decide what is good and bad behavior and it is up to us to us to encourage social change. We create society by deciding what is acceptable behavior. We allow our children to dress and act like gangsters, we let them mimic what they see on TV and MTV. It is okay for them to curse in every sentence, it is okay to let them walk around with their pants hanging down below their crotch like an idiot, it is okay for them to act like a fool, because we are too stupid to show them the error of these kinds of actions.
Joe64 Wrote: Apr 04, 2012 1:59 PM
I do not blame Travon for what happened to him, I blame it on society as a whole. We create the standards by how people are judged. If Zimmerman were walking through my neighborhood with at night, he very well may have been the one who was shot. The bottom line is we all have the right to dress, speak, act and be where we want to be, we just need to know that we also have the right to be treated poorly based upon how we are seen. White, black, brown or green, we all have equal right to be a victim. A law enforcement officer will never treat people equally. It is insane to think that they will. They will not treat a well dressed black man the same as a hooded kid with his pants hanging down past his butt. Count on that.

In wake of the recent tragedy involving the death of Trayvon Martin in FL, America has once again been thrust into the race debate. Trayvon was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, who was labeled a “white Hispanic” by some mainstream media outlets, and thus began a flurry of relentless racial attacks. Since there has been no conclusive evidence to this point that shows that Zimmerman had a racial motive, it would be appropriate and wise to put the racial rhetoric on hold and let the justice system do its work. I do not criticize or ridicule those who have been...