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A blind mad could see that he is Muslim. He will not listen to the very people who could take these nuts out. Sorry Katy you and others must really tell it like it is.
Big Bob is very good for all of us. He shows us just how the left feels. They don't get there way they explode. Mr. Muslim gets mad and he says he is smarter then all of us. The left is a bunch of cry baby's. Don't think so? Just watch and see them take up for Mr. Muslim and get mad and cuss us out, they show us how stupid they really are. The rest of the five has more sense in there little finger than Big Bob and Williams do in there whole body's.
There will come a time when it will be pay back time. Thugs you want a war? Well get ready because when it comes you have no chance. Sharpton and all of your pals won't know what hit you. So stop all this race batting and killing police and stop crimes you commit. Raise your kids to do good instead of joining gangs. Keep the fathers home instead of having leaving for the next woman. Good will not win.
It's about the money. If everyone on this planet would turn off all lights and then what? No one will do that. when you invent something it cannot be uninvenented So keep your lights on and fly to anywhere you want and have a great new year.
Don't this tell it all? I wish this was in every news paper
Cuba, Really? The vote is in he is not only a closet muslim but a commie as well.
The wise man said"Take the fight to them" What person who could get information from the enemy and didn't how could he not live with his self? By all means get the information. Put all this babysitting to bed. Take the fight to them.
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Sandy Hook Families Sue AR15 Manufacturer

Joe579 Wrote: Dec 16, 2014 8:47 AM
Blame anyone who ever you can. It's not my fault. These people come from bad situation they cant get out of. It's sad state of affairs when young people are killed be a nut job and when they look back at it the signs were there. They may as well sue dirt because in the end that where all things come from. I say no case.
If it saves one American life. Rack em up. Do whatever it takes to stop these people who will destroy America is they are not. The very people who steal from the American tax payer and do something like a woman who decry's how the best law enforcement agency this country has ever had is a Traitor Please all branches of government make so hard on the enemy they will never look at us without thinking twice before they make another move...God bless the FBI,CIA and all law enforcement.
Yep. Bunch of worthless dogs and pigs.
Michele, Don't you think they could be more than buddy's? I do think if you would look a little deeper you may find what we all ready know.
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