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You know the whole bunch is nuts. I was watching O'Rilley last night and a nut said SS is a entitlement.These people just don't get it. Put them in a box and they could not find a corner.
The reason for this is low paying jobs and skilled workers are in the work force in India and other country's. But to the real point Obama is a follower not a leader. That is the reason we are in this mess we find us in. He really couldn't lead a drinker to a bar. Not to be funny but he has a way that the pot smokers have that is no common sense.
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Is Obama Waging Jihad?

Joe579 Wrote: Jul 18, 2014 12:31 PM
Obama can not be believed at any point if a Muslim is in the mix. If a Christen has a bad day so what the fewer the better says Obama and his bunch. Taking Chris out of the Military is evil. We must have Christ on our side to have any hope of winning any war we get into.
I don't mind helping people but spending like this is like paying full price for fools gold.
WAR is right and if only we could drive to D.C. and bring this town to it's knees. I say 1,000,000 people drive to D.C. and then tell them to stop this madness of paying of the very people who only take and no give back. Some thugs only think they are owed for doing nothing and most of you know just what I mean.
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Obama: Muslim Hero

Joe579 Wrote: Jul 13, 2014 9:19 AM
That's it. He is muslim we all know it but most won't say it.
With people trying to kill every American and will do so if given the chance. With some saying a war on woman and silly things that don't do much to the reciter scale. Please all of you fools on the left stop it now and start praying of America. Start pulling together all Americans for the best nation ever on earth.
Mr. Charles is spot on. I could only add that it is very easy to build the first one 20 feet tall then add razor wire at the top then at the bottom each side another roll razor wire. The cost could be very per mile but if it stops 95% the cost can be worth it. maybe a 10 foot trench on Mexico side. Cameras everywhere and when and if someone get over put the in a jail like no other and keep them for 30 days and ship them to the lowest part on the country of origin.
annfan your right. Why didn't Mitt say all of the things we wanted him to? Because he was afraid he would be called a racist. The only thing he had to do is tell the truth. He told the nation in a way not to hurt anyone but he should have told the raw facts.
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Obama's Anti-Media Tantrums

Joe579 Wrote: Jul 02, 2014 9:46 AM
Cleric and you Dr. are right. He is a liar and he don't care who knows it. The press backs him up at every turn. It's very sad to see good people cover up such a bad person. I say they are good because at some point they were good but some how they them selves turned bad for the great country we all live in. Please wake up people and impeach this very bad person.
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