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Now what? Just what will it take to get this gut impeached?
Obama and his crowd are way out of control.
Hitler also thought he could be a general.
These people make me sick. He goes on all the talk shows where all the LIV's are and then cries when someone orders a meatball. How sad.
If you think Muslims don't hate America your wrong. That's all of them.
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Eric Holder’s Tenure

Joe579 Wrote: Sep 28, 2014 12:09 PM
Holder is a liar and cheat for sure. He is a no good lawyer. Now why can't be put in jail and his pal impeached? They are both Muslim's if you don't think so just look at their actions.
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Woman Beheaded in Oklahoma By Coworker

Joe579 Wrote: Sep 27, 2014 1:10 PM
When will we wake up? All Muslims are killers in waiting. They are told that everyday to hate the American and kill them. Obama is a Muslim Holder is a Muslim, and many more who is and around this White House. They will not call it war they will not call a terrorist attacks. Why because they are in bed with them. We must impeach this liar We must take back our nation before it's to late.The window is closing.
Michelle, Do you think he may smoking a little more dope than usual? If he lets a murder off we know he is. Good job.
John D. was a wildcatter pure and simple. He hit it and turned into an empire. Ay a point he was bigger than the government. Thus it was broken up into 5 different company's. I don't think he would think much of his kids or there kids. They have never really worked for a man who would fire them because of the name. He taught America a great deal and all his kids can do is turn there backs and think PC is the way.
The teachers all want a raise. Ok so start teaching. Here in Oklahoma the teachers are starting to rumble for a raise because they say they have not had a raise for 7 years, not true but you can here the rumble it's starting. From a A to an f we have so many f's and they say they more money. Why would pay anyone who can't do the job?
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