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Impeach this muslim and all of his pals. You say he is not muslim well show me the proof. As for the poll balls he has none never has never will. If not for being potusa he would be barking on some sidewalk. He is lazy and we really don't know the truth about this narsist.
What can we really do? I tell everyone I know and we all say the same thing and that is wait till November and hope a house cleaning comes about. Impeach Obama and fire Holder put Lois in jail till she comes clean. Tell Biden to shut up and do what's right. Give Israel all the arms they need then some. Tell the world no more foreign aid from the USA. No more free phones and welfare only to the real needy and if your on it better not have a drug in your vanes.
Can you believe this guy? After he killed 10's of thousands of the people in Cuba. I still can't believe how we missed killing this nut. Obama will not say one word about this but if it were Netanyahu saying things like Castro all hell would break out. I'm sorry it already has.
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The Three Stooges of the Apocalypse

Joe579 Wrote: Aug 14, 2014 12:34 PM
The three stooges were great. The three liars is all they have left is lie then some more. People why can't we impeach this nut house come November? Please help me and millions of great people of America get rid of The three new Stooges.
Gosh WAR you are right and Mitt told us so as so many others did. My question is: Why did the very people who will be hurt the most vote for the scum bag? Can it be that voters in Ohio used fraud to push the scum bag over the top? Was it the lousy unions? Black on black? Just what was it? At some point this can be answered. Please go on The 5 and tell us.
We could have this done in a week. Why not? because we are afraid of killing the innocent. Well they grow up and still kill us. Get rid of the cancer and stop this fooling around.
Muslim is not of peace. It's a peace of a head or arm or leg. You get the picture.
Wow what courage. No I'm wrong again. We should have stopped them in their tracks six months ago. But no. They have already killed all the christens so the thugs get water and other goods from the great American people.
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Obama's Unprecedented Impeachment Dare

Joe579 Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 9:51 AM
I had a guy years ago to take the first swing I did he never ask again.....not after the wire came out of his jaw. Impeach him today...please.
Very good! They never at least take up for a Christian when they are beheaded or burned to death. She is a lackey for obama
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