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The liberals made the rules. Government--and businesses and individuals--have been placed in a straitjacket of restrictive and rigid laws that on paper solve all our problems but in reality hamstring our communal efforts to solve real problems. Now they want to sidestep their restrictive laws in their attempt to remediate the serious situation facing young black men. First, they're attempting to solve a family and social problem with more paternalism. But the much more important issue is that they are trampling the laws that they've put in place for the rest of us, again placing themselves above us mere mortals. They want to try to help young black males with their proposed dubious program? Fine, but first repeal the laws that hamper the rest of us and greatly damage our society.
So let's get this straight. Fossil fuels are causing global warmi--climate change--so liberals are trying to make it more difficult--impossible is their actual goal--for the US to find and produce them. So we are coerced into buying oil from the Mid-East and other unstable sources that charge extortionate prices and and require us to send the cream of our youth to maintain order and keep the juice flowing. So though we need oil anyway liberals don't want us to be energy independent yet decry efforts to make sure we can import enough for our needs. Sounds logical to me.
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The Left Learned Wrong Lessons from Nazism

Joe425 Wrote: Dec 10, 2013 10:30 AM
Good article, but Nazism really was a variant of Communism and hence of the left. The state controlled production, disarmed its proclaimed internal enemies and attacked its"inferior" neighbors in order to spread their "superior" system. Beware of any ideology that proclaims itself The Only Answer. Nazism demanded racial purity, while Communism demanded, and still demands, class purity. Nazism and Communism aren't 180º apart, they are twins. And both of them are 180º from traditional western culture and our representational governments.
Liberals love to spout off about how they speak truth to power, and how they are so courageous, self-sacrificing and moral to do so. What they really do is lay down whenever another liberal utters anything, no matter how idiotic, vicious or false. In fact they attest to it. In contrast, they attack, defame, libel and slander anyone outside their cohort who has the audacity to disagree with them. Truth to power, indeed.
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The Real Meaning of the "Redskins" Debate

Joe425 Wrote: Sep 30, 2013 4:07 PM
If we're going to change the name Redskins, then to be fair and consistent we must change all other offensive names, including; Celtics, with the logo of a foolish looking Irishman; Vikings, bloodthirsty, savage Scandinavians; Saints, a libel on a great religion; 49ers, another libel on the great people who found the gold that helped win the Civil War; Giants and Titans, a slur upon large people who were just born that way; Patriots, denigrating our Founding Fathers for mere sport; Steelers, insulting the strong men who built our country; Packers, belittling the men and women who chop our meat; Ravens, Panthers, Diamondbacks and all other animal names, don't we understand that animals are people, too; Knickerbockers, abusing our Dutch heritage; Canucks, a slur on Canadians; Bears, Grizzlies, Bruins, Cubs, more pain for the victims of animal extermination. Can we get any more silly?
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Tears of a Racist Radio Clown

Joe425 Wrote: Aug 17, 2013 11:20 AM
Since the President is only half black, doesn't that mean that we can make fun of him at least half the time?
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The Left Vs. the Redskins

Joe425 Wrote: Aug 15, 2013 6:20 PM
Let's not stop with Redskins. The Saints slander an entire religion. The Vikings show Scandinavians to be vicious killers. The cartoonish 49ers logo belittles the gold used to save the US. Browns insult Hispanics. Patriots make fun of our Founding Fathers. Buccaneers honors wanton murderers. Broncos smear rodeo bucking horses exploited by for humans for dirty lucre. Celtics derides the Irish. 76ers uses our Founders for private gain.
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Chevy Volt Heads for Fiery Crash

Joe425 Wrote: Jul 09, 2013 10:13 AM
So Volts don't use gas, they use electricity. And where do we get 60% of our electricity? Coal. So chances are you're running on coal. Congratulations, you're causing even more pollution.
Leno has always been a Republican. But over the last two elections he's consistently bashed may times more than Democrats. He went where he thought his audience wanted him to go. Now that he's retiring he doesn't care about his ratings. What a guy.
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I Still Like Ike

Joe425 Wrote: Dec 15, 2012 11:25 AM
No wonder the intellectuals hate Ike. He ended one war, kept us out of many possible wars, initiated Brown v Topeka Board of ED, and left the country happy, united and prosperous. His three young successors stole elections, divided the country, started an unnecessary war and brought on economic malaise. Ike, what a dope.
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