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Jay Leno: Not Using Illegal Immigrant? How Bout' "Undocumented Democrat?"

Joe40 Wrote: Apr 03, 2013 1:30 PM
The average Mexican, I'm not sure. Why don't you mount a survey to find out? Any results would be somewhat interesting. Either way, the historical facts run counter to some groups alleged collective belief. The Reconquista will likely be ignored unless or untill they try to seize something located in the Southwest that the Government deems of value, be it monetary or strategic. When they're having to face down a detachment of soldiers or marines, what they believe will truly come to the fore.

Yesterday the Associated Press changed the way its writers handle illegal immigration by striking the term "illegal immigrant" from the AP Style book. The move led to some late night fodder from Jay Leno, who joked the AP will be using "undocumented Democrat" from now on.