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While I would have to consult with my brother the attorney about the finer points, I believe that a case can be made that a military prison is indeed a federal prison.
Back to spreading false hopes and computer viruses, eh?
Yep. I don't need a thousand words if a hundred words gets the point across. As far as I'm concerned, mere verbosity is used mostly as a cover for criminality or incompetence. If I want obtuse language, I'll read a Microsoft software manual.
That's true enough. What we have also seen is how Walker has responded to the Left, and the result he obtained.
What stuck me about that comment was the unspoken implication that somehow complexity is better than simplicity. I can refute that idea with one word: Obamacare.
Looks like the Panamanian scammer is back.
I'm sure that the Secret Service has a ready excuse for the recent security lapse - all of the equipment is at Martha's Vineyard, after all...
Sure there is. In fact, there are 4 climate changes: spring, summer, winter and autumn.
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USPS: Where The Customer Is Always Last

Joe40 Wrote: Sep 22, 2014 11:52 AM
I suppose it's possible to return to the private sector from the Federal Civil Service, at least in theory. I would have little trouble imagining that such a hypothetical transition would be drawn out and difficult, should it happen. However, such a move has built-in disincentives, so I haven't really seen it happen. Most people who enter government service remain there until retirement.
I don't care, other than to note that it sucks. It's no more than a simple observation. If you, or anyone else has a problem with it, then deal with it - preferably in private. Derek's entire article is another play on the acceptance of the lesser of two evils meme. If the concept is utterly unacceptable outside of campaign season, why should it suddenly become acceptable during campaign season, especially since NOTHING has changed. That's something you Democrat Lite GOP members have NEVER suitably explained. You just push a different version of "my way or the highway" from authentic Democrats, and simply demand that we go along, unquestioningly, just like every other member of the herd. Sorry, ain't happening. You want conservative support, then tell us why, then take action that we can see and fall behind, don't just demand we fall in lockstep with that which we detest.
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Legislation Introduced to Eliminate ATF

Joe40 Wrote: Sep 18, 2014 6:21 AM
Baby steps first. After all, your average Congresscritter has virtually no experience in the act of reducing the size and scope of government agencies. All good arguments about the real benefits of this legislation aside, I consider it's passage unlikely at the present time for two reasons: 1. Harry Reid is still in charge in the Senate, and 2. Barack Obama is still in the White House.
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