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"Republican Senate helps Clinton. Absolutely." What a useless wet dream. And the corruption of the last 6 years is mostly the fault of your guys from the left side of the aisle.
In another month or so, this mayor will be in real trouble when it starts getting colder. But that's HIS problem.
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America: The Ostrich Years

Joe40 Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 3:52 PM
"There are some who still believe Barack Obama will do his 'Duty' and meet his obligations as President of the United States.." There are?!? Who are these poor, misbegotten souls, and where are they hiding? What leads such people to such beliefs??
low-watt sez: hatred and paranoia is all the GOP has. --------------- You've got to be kidding? What on earth ever makes you think that I'd accept this from the likes of you; one who has little to no real idea of what she is talking about?
Another day, another stupidly useless inanity, eh low-watt?
A double-action revolver would roughly fit that definition, a single-action revolver would not.
At the first sign of looters, be they black, white, red, yellow, or whatever, the weapons should be coming out, having already been lawfully acquired. Couple this with enough ammo to last for several days.
Denial/delusion: in the 2014 election cycle, thy name is most definitely Harry Reid.
A fundraiser with a bunch of celebrities?
That would most definitely tick off the Beltway media types. The plus side of that is that the ensuing hissy fit would be quite the enjoyable spectacle.
Just remember: if the GOP takes the Senate in November, and the WH in '16, that's no excuse to slack off on our political class. Keeping the feet of the political class to the fire, regardless of party affiliation, is what's necessary here.
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