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If we'd annexed Mexico after the war in 1848, they'd all be Americans now. And their quality of life would be far higher than it is now.
gw: One can saw ones nose off with a dull hacksaw if one so chooses, but the action would remain lunatic." ============================================ Yes, it would. But that doesn't negate Manness' right one way or the other. And that really, is the whole point. Here's the best explanation of the persistence of the whole RINO v. conservative issue I've read yet. http://www.americanthinker.com/2014/09/the_bestlaid_plans_of_moderates_and_mavens.html
Here we have one VERY partisan Democrat, Elijah Cummings, demonstrating the validity of the "stopped clock" principle. Imagine my surprise when I find myself in agreement with him on this issue.
I don't see how, if she was following PA law. She didn't commit any crime in the state of PA, after all.
"Enquiring minds want to know."
While I would have to consult with my brother the attorney about the finer points, I believe that a case can be made that a military prison is indeed a federal prison.
Back to spreading false hopes and computer viruses, eh?
Yep. I don't need a thousand words if a hundred words gets the point across. As far as I'm concerned, mere verbosity is used mostly as a cover for criminality or incompetence. If I want obtuse language, I'll read a Microsoft software manual.
That's true enough. What we have also seen is how Walker has responded to the Left, and the result he obtained.
What stuck me about that comment was the unspoken implication that somehow complexity is better than simplicity. I can refute that idea with one word: Obamacare.
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