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Well, I'm just trying to apply some logic to all this, so this whole silly mess would at least appear to be such to me. However, and this is the big sticking point, I'm not a lawyer, so that's why I asked.
Can you blame the poor lib? After all, I haven't seen a single stupid peeping post from the likes of lois or flattus, either.
Isn't that an Equal Protection violation?
Now that this monumental screwup has come to light, it may well be, that once this reaches SCOTUS, this represents the dagger thrust that ultimately kills the disaster that is Obamacare. Couldn't happen to a nicer piece of legislation! :-)
Perhaps, but that wasn't really my true point. It was more about denigrating Lena Dunham, the foolish youngster who thinks that she has something of value to say to the world.
While its deplorable that this idiot, otherwise known as Lena Dunham, is debasing churches to sell her trash, I will not be attending those events, nor buying even a single copy of her book. There is nothing coming from between the ears of this liberal dolt that I would consider even remotely entertaining, or informative, or illustrative, or even instructive.
As of today, the count for the end of Obama has dipped under 2 years and 6 months. Or, put another way, it's 893 days and a wake up (Jan 20, 2017).
Are you certain? Google lists H.R. 664 (for the current, or 113th Congress) as the Harriet Tubman National Historical Parks Act. The text of said resolution mentions nothing of what you are saying.
While I can't speak for the other Joe, (#502), for myself, I plan to be unacceptable to liberals from right now and continuing to the moment I draw my last breath.
Especially when you consider that the water company had to acquire all that water, treat it, if necessary, deliver it in a pipeline that had to be built, then maintained. All of this costs money, so what are these lib losers really whining about?
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