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Border Patrol Agent: Napolitano Has No Idea What We Go Through

Joe40 Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 10:43 AM
Mike4166: It's because you realize that we have a system wherein the Desk Pilots of the Swivel Chair Brigade have convinced themselves, however wrongly misguided, that their cushy, overpaid jobs in DC are of far greater import than the needs, or even the lives, of the men and women at the sharp end of the sword. The upper levels of government are featherbedded to a fare-thee-well, and are about 50 years overdue for a major private sector style corporate downsizing. I'm not surprised that the the DC bureaucratic bilge rats twisted the sequestration around to protect their own worthless backsides and petty privileges.

As Senators in Washington D.C. prepare to roll out a new immigration reform package, promising border security before amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants already in the United States, Texas Border Patrol officials and border watch groups are seeing an uptick in illegal foot traffic similar to the scene in Arizona over the past few months.

"When I hear Janet Napolitano say the border is secure, I just laugh because she has no idea what we go through on daily basis," a Border Patrol agent stationed near Laredo, Texas tells Townhall. "Now with Washington coming back and saying...