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Dear Lois Learner, I have copies of your "LOST" emails. Do you want me to just send them to you? Or, do you want me to CC: Obama, Eric Holder, George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the DNC? After all they were both senders a receivers of the suspect IRS e-mails.
You speak the truth. 1.) Although the Federal Government is full of IDIOTS, only a super idiot would have you believe that e-mails are hosted on an individual computer. 2.) This is proved by the fact that the I.R.S. ended their contract with a company that provided backup support the day the e-mail scandal broke. 3.) Not only did the e-mails stay safe, they are NOT destroyed at ALL, The company uses industry standard RAID backups for e-mails and all other data. These backups are performed at least once daily, and old data can be recalled years after it was stored. Just like you can perform a system restore to your PC. Only this is SERVER based and no matter what happens to a Network PC, or even the Network IRS server for that matter, all Data is backed up to an off site Server. Problem for Holder, The IRS, Obama, and the Democratic Party. All of these e-mails still exist, and at the right moment, they will be released with damaging consequences. lol Talk to a Network Administrator, if you are skeptical.
Good for the Doctor. We still live in America, and you have a right to your opinions. Dear Backwood University: This man only works for you. He is NOT your slave, I understand you southerners still think you own people, but you don't. What this man does on his own time is NONE of your Business! Sure, there are exceptions, but I don't believe having an opinion is either illegal or immoral. At least NOT yet!
@Jason562 Why upgrade to bulbs that cost $13 each? It is ILLEGAL to Manufacture or Import incandescent bulbs. They are still legal to purchase them. So, folks send Jason and his Buddy Obama a message. Run to your Local Home Depot, Lowe's or other stores and purchase those EVIL 60 Watt Incandescent Bulbs for like $1 or less for a box of 6. They are in a huge display next to those $13 L.E.D.'s Jason is promoting here. The Best way to say 'F' U to Jason and Obama is to stock up now before they run out!
Tell me again how Obama Helps ALL union members that got him ELECTED? As I recall, the United Coal Miners Backed OBAMA back in 2008. Many still voted for him in 2012. The same guy that has labeled the Coal Industry as EVIL, and wants to Destroy every Coal Job in America. So, if I was in this Union I would sue for every penny I paid in Union Dues. Because your Union and your President SCREWED YOU!
No,they did this to protect teachers in Unions and their cronies that want to Force Parents to get their children's education from Public Schools, so inferior teachers can keep their jobs and continue to NOT properly educate children. These parents are Victims of the still NAZI Fascist GERMANS! Give this family citizenship and the Sour Krauats, Obama, and Holder the Middle finger.
No matter what may happen after the flames die down, ACLU (Who Cares?). Stories like this, just make me proud to live in the USA. Regular Citizens will come to the Aid of others every time, and give however they can to help. Thank You to all of those UNSELFISH acts by Firemen, Police, the Choir, and anyone else that helped out.
Another, Quick Note Although there are different Versions of the Bible. K.J.V., N.I.V. , the Catholic Bible , Mormon (book of), N.A.S.B., Etc. Nothing about "Meat and Lent" , and More importantly all have similar Scripture. Romans: 10:9-10:10: "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation." And, it is NOT mans righteousness, that is important. It is the righteousness of Christ. "Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:" Rom 3:24, " For by grace are ye saved thru faith Eph: 2:8 ..."
John, The Cabin Boy is Partly correct. The Pagans did use Eggs (Before Christ) to Symbolize the New Birth of Spring (Spring solstice). Just as Evergreens were used by Pagans to Celebrate the Winter Solstice way before Christ's Birth. And, as a Christian I find you using the Catholic Encyclopedia a bit unreasonable. The Catholics have lots of unnecessary rites and rituals that are not needed. For one, where is it written in the Bible "That You Shalt Not Eat Meat During Lent?" No where! Not once from Genesis to Revelations is the command stated. It is part of Catholic Doctrine, but it is NOT in the Bible. The closest anything comes to not eating meat is a section about not putting a stumbling block in a brothers path. "Flesh/Herbs"
@nycxj91 maybe you should see what they are serving in Michelle Obama's Cafe (School Lunches). Some of the Colorless and cardboard tasting food IS GARBAGE! I would not allow my dog to eat, let alone my kid. I work at a school, and see exactly what happens. Whatever the kids do not like, gets tossed in the trash. Almost full trays of food have been dumped. If the "Good for you food" looks like Bird Poop on Rye, the kids will throw it out.
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