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Real Moms of the GOP versus White House SOP

Joe296 Wrote: Apr 13, 2012 7:14 AM
The Democratic Party is engaged in a "War on Intelligence". Every message they send out on any topic is designed to appeal to the least intelligent citizens. The "Phony War on Women" is one example. The "air heads" like Ms Rosen, who see themselves as some kind of intellectual elite, think all those who do not agree with the liberal position on every issue are dolts. People like Rosen think "liberal" and "intelligent" are synonyms. Ironically, every time a Rosen opens her mouth it proves that liberal and intelligent are indeed not synonyms.

The authenticity of conservative women has always been under attack by radical orthodox feminists, but perhaps not as brazenly as by someone with such direct and frequent access to the corridors of the White House message machine as Hilary B. Rosen.

The D.C. career lobbyist and Democratic media strategist took to CNN's airwaves this week to craft a left-wing "War on Women" attack on the real moms of the GOP. Ostensibly aiming at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney for his "old-fashioned" views of women, Rosen's mouth instead shot off in the direction of wife, stay-at-home mother of five, grandmother...